WWE’s Marketplace Launches First Premium Live Event Collection

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) team has announced that its marketplace, the Moonsault, has launched its first premium live event collection, WWE Hell in a Cell, an annual premium WWE live event.

The live event will feature WWE superstars in a special match that will stream live in the United States on June 5 via Peacock, an NBC Universal program. According to the WWE team, Moonsault will release its first official NFT collection on June 3. The launch will come two days before the Hell in a Cell match, a pay-per-view match slated for Sunday, June 5. 

The First WWE NFT

The entertainment company’s first NFT sale will feature top stars. The limited collection will offer over 10,000 NFT Flips for sale on the company’s official marketplace, Moonsault. 

The launch was announced by the duo of Scott Greenberg and Scott Zanghellini, CEO of Web3 Studio Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL)’s Fox Entertainment and WWE Senior Vice President, Revenue Strategy and Development respectively. 

The team has concluded plans to sell the NFT Flips on WWE Moonsault in batches of three that are randomized during the minting process. Each batch of three will be sold for $30, earning the company some $100,000 in sales. 

After the Hell in a Cell match, each of the NFT Flips will be transformed into about 20 seconds of video highlight of the WWE superstars involved in the project. The WWE team is hopeful that wrestling lovers and the company’s ardent fanbase, especially NFT lovers among them, will buy into these digital collectibles. 

Moonsault Launched

Moonsault, the WWE’s official NFT marketplace was launched by the company in conjunction with BCL during SmackDown on the Fox channel on May 27. It was subsequently promoted across FOX and WWE media platforms and WWE Discord. Early birds who used the platform were given a welcome bonus. 

The first 10,000 users who created a wallet on the Moonsault marketplace were given Moonsault Genesis NFT which they claimed within a few hours after their wallet creation. The collected NFTs have a collective value of about $1.5million on the marketplace. 

The team has planned to drop more digital collectibles and video highlights of WWE Superstars and memorable moments in the company’s history will be released on the marketplace. This is in line with its ambition to make more limited-edition cases of the flips available to the WWE and NFT communities. The release will coincide with major WWE premium live events around the year. 

With the increasing demands for NFTs in recent years, WWE’s goal is to meet its fanbase’s quest for WWE-related non-fungible tokens by creating a collection of its superstars’ NFTs. 

Interested parties can participate in the marketplace by creating a digital wallet through Eluvio. The wallet will allow collectors to purchase the WWE NFT via cryptocurrencies or credit cards. They can also purchase or sell those NFTs on the Moonsault marketplace. 

Undertaker’s collection was the first WWE entry into the NFT marketplace. The collection was released during WrestleMania 37. John Cena NFTs were produced in August 2021 to increase the number of listed NFTs on the WWE’s Moonslaught marketplace. 


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