Manchester City and PUMA collaborate on NFT project

Manchester City is one of the premier European sports teams, and in partnership with its kit maker, PUMA, Manchester City is ready to debut an NFT collection.


Not too long ago, Manchester City was a Football (Soccer) team wallowing in obscurity; now, thanks to sustained investments and the will to win, the club has become one of the premier football brands globally.

For decades, Manchester United, neighbors and Manchester City’s rivals, were the star and golden child of the city. On the final day of the 2011-12 season, the Premier League trophy was on the line, with Manchester United and Manchester City being able to win and upset their neighbors.

At the end of the day, only one team could top the league and take home the title; thanks to a stroke of genius, Sergio “Kun” Aguero scored the league-winning goal for City 93:20 minutes into the game when all hope was lost.

93:20 has become symbolic for Manchester City and all its “Cityzens,” it was a culmination of decades of diligent work and investment to win the club’s first Premier League trophy in ages, and to do it while breaking Manchester United’s hearts was even better.

Ten years after 93:20, it’s only natural for the team to remember and commemorate one of the most exciting and fulfilling moments in the club’s history. It doesn’t matter if your support City or not; there’s no denying that what they’re doing is worthwhile.

City x PUMA x Musketon

Manchester City and PUMA recently announced their collaborative NFT drop, it’s titled 93:20, and Musketon created it. As stated earlier, Manchester City is in a celebratory mood, and the 93:20 NFT drop in collaboration with PUMA and Musketon is part of the activities the club has lined up to celebrate the event.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t Manchester City’s first foray into the NFT space, the team has successfully released three NFT projects previously, and 93:20 will build on the club’s NFT legacy.

The 93:20 NFT project was created by Musketon and features one unique design; according to City’s official website, “The 93:20 piece artistically displays a unique clockwork environment with cogs and Manchester City artwork within Sergio Aguero’s goal-scoring PUMA boot.”

The artwork for the NFTs features the upcoming PUMA ULTRA Football Boots scheduled for release on Friday, May 13, 2022, and these limited edition shoes are being released as part of the 93:20 celebrations.

One hundred twenty pairs of PUMA ULTRA Football boots have been created to commemorate the event and pay homage to the goal. If you’re interested in the project, the 93:20 collection will launch on MakersPlace on Friday.

Speaking on being a part of this project, Musketon, a digital artist, shared the following, “Being an arty kid rather than a sporty one, I was always more interested in drawing than kicking a ball around, but I was always aware of the Premier league powerhouse that is Manchester City Football Club from the kids in the playground. So when City asked me to create an illustration for the 10-year anniversary of the legendary 93:20 goal, I had to say yes!”


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