Play-to-earn Strategy NFT Game MafiaFoot Announces Ternoa Partnership For Upcoming IDO

MafiaFoot, an upcoming play-to-earn strategy NFT game, has secured a partnership with Ternoa to launch its upcoming IDO. The game will provide play-to-earn mechanics and become the first game mixing Football Manager, Tycoon, and FIFA games through a blockchain-based ecosystem.

MafiaFoot is a next-generation play-to-earn blockchain game where strategy and NFTs take center stage. Players can build their ultimate football club through non-fungible tokens and manage their team all the way through. Players generate revenue while evolving their NFT cards, winning tournaments, and managing the club’s infrastructure.

In the MafiaFoot universe, players can buy and sell original cards, build a stream capable of winning games through a strategic approach, play epic tournaments to beat competitors and earn rewards, and much more. In-game NFTs come in five different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Furthermore, MafiaFoot players can boost characters’ skills during a match and heal them if necessary. Additionally, you can create new in-game characters through the training center. Owners can sell or loan created players to others, establishing another revenue stream. All players have 3D animations, creating a more immersive blockchain gaming environment.

The tycoon aspect of the game focuses on day-to-day club operations, including ticket sales, merchandising sales, food, and beverage stalls, staking the $MFF token, etc. There are multiple ways to generate revenue in this play-to-earn game, which borrows elements from Sorare and Football Manager. The addition of securing sponsorships and making lands profitable through derivative products and ancillary services ensures players have various game modes to explore.

The MafiaFoot team has secured a partnership with the Ternoa Labs team. Through this collaboration, the MafiaFoot IDO will occur on the Ternoa Launchpad, a dynamic solution prioritizing community access first. Additionally, users looking to participate in the upcoming IDO can gain whitelist access by subscribing to the MafiaFoot website.

Joining the whitelist also makes users eligible for the upcoming airdrop and MafiaFoot’s private sale, among other benefits.

About MafiaFoot

MAFIAFOOT is a Play To Earn football club management game that integrates a strong TYCOON part. Generate revenues while evolving your NFT cards, winning tournaments, and managing your club’s infrastructures!

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