Shogunate – NFT Collection and P2E Game from 0xArt

Welcome to Shogunate – visually stunning NFTs, hand-drawn by Seiun, which you need to have in preparation for battle in 0xArt’s upcoming Play-to-Earn game – Shogunate Arena.

Shogunate, being brought to life by an eclectic team of NFT and Blockchain veterans – including the founder of Meebits DAO, promises to be a real treat.

Luckily for us, the 0xArt team were able to answer some questions about the collection and the Shogunate Arena – enjoy.

Since when have you been working on your collection?

The idea was born in September 2021. We’ve been working 7 months to bring it to life, the P2E is 99% ready, we used our own funds to build everything, including the battle Arena.

7777 NFTs

Why did you choose the ETH blockchain?

As we mainly own NFT collections on Ethereum and Opensea is the major NFT marketplace, we thought that this is a good decision. However, due to the fees, the P2E will be on the Polygon platform.

How many years of experience does the Shogunate team have?

Blockchain technology and NFTs are relatively young. However, we are all a bit OG 🙂
One of the founders is a collector since 2017! Most of us have between 10 and 20 years of experience in our respective domains including NFT design, development, and marketing.

How will the battles happen? What shall I do to win?

Battles in the Shogunate Arena balance luck with strategy. To win as many battles as possible, you need to adjust your strategy to increase your chances of victory. That means setting up your defence, levelling up the skills you want to focus on, and deciding on the right attack plan for a specific opponent.

When do you plan to allow other collections (MeeBits being part of the plan?) to enter your arenas?

Other NFT collections will be able to enter the Shogunate Fight to Earn arena after the completion of beta testing. It will be possible through a bridge (smart contract) which blocks the NFT for the time of the fight. This bridge will be controlled by an external security provider to guarantee full security to the NFT owners.
And yes, the Meebits, via their DAO, like the idea of us bringing utilities to their NFT like fighting and collecting coins.

How will you distribute the rewards among the collectors?

We will have a seasonal leaderboard with prizes in MATIC and rewards for each battle in TOKU, our native erc20 Shogunate crypto token.

What do you have planned for Q3/Q4 2022?

According to our roadmap, we will be improving the arena and integrating other collections. We will also work on “MMA” kind of fights, where the winner takes the NFT of the opponent.
Furthermore, our artist Seiun will work on a manga that will be published in 2023.

Prior to this project, have you been collecting NFT?

Yes, as mentioned above, we all started in the industry quite early. After the 2021 craziness, we hope that this market will be more sustainable and become mainstream.

Big thanks to the 0xArt team for speaking with us. You can learn more about Shogunate and join their community on Discord, Twitter, and Medium.


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