Splinterlands reaches 2.32 million daily rentals milestone

Splinterlands is the most played blockchain game right now, and the company recently crossed a significant user milestone; here’s more on this development

Splinterlands: A new giant?

Splinterlands is an essential player in the gaming space and one of the trendsetters of virtual card rentals. As the most played blockchain game currently, Splinterlands was able to achieve this feat through concerted efforts and innovation.

In July 2021, Splinterlands helped pioneer the world of NFT rentals, and this feature has helped create a new class of opportunities for players and NFT stakeholders. Since its launch, card rentals have become one of the most exciting features of the Splinterlands ecosystem, and now players can make use of cards they do not own.

Card rentals mean that renting preferred cards without spending a fortune is possible, it’s a win-win situation as renters get what they want, and owners get to help others while making some income.

As a Splinterlands player, it’s easy for you to rent out your digital cards to help others make the most of their experiences, and the rental of digital cards has become the “bread and butter” of Splinterlands.

On April 15, 2022, the Splinterlands game hit another scintillating milestone as, in the space of 24 hours, 2.32 million daily rentals were processed on the platform. Over the next few moments, we’ll look into the growth of Splinterlands and what this achievement means for the company.

Can I make it big by renting cards?

Can I earn a living by renting out virtual cards? This is a question that many Splinterlands users have asked themselves in recent months. Such questions became more widespread after The Motley Fool published an article highlighting the story of a player who started the game with a $10 virtual card investment.

According to the article, as of October 2021, the user had amassed assets worth about $17,000 after an initial investment of only $10. Naturally, this grass to grace story garnered a considerable amount of attention and got people wondering if they could replicate the success of the unnamed Splinterlands user.

Jesse Reich, Splinterlands CEO, had the following to say, “We recently shared that we hit 2 billion games played, and now we’re here, reaching another remarkable milestone in the history of NFT rentals. We look forward to achieving more of these in the future.”

What does the future hold for Splinterlands?

It’s always a big deal when a company with exciting traction achieves an impressive milestone. There’s no doubt that the latest Splinterlands achievement will get the company more attention from investors and industry players.

Ali Madhajvi, a Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, had nothing but praise for Splinterlands. “Splinterlands has delivered many industry innovations in the blockchain gaming space and continues to deliver the best perks to its players. This new achievement is a significant milestone in transforming the gaming industry.”


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