Glance acquires Gambit to aid NFT push

Glance is a company backed by Google, and it recently acquired Gambit, an Indian company as Glance looks to compete better in the NFT space.

Glance x Gambit

Glance is a company that has made a considerable amount of impressive moves over the last few months, and now they’ve made their latest move by acquiring Gambit. The acquisition is supposed to help the company improve and optimize its mobile game offerings while helping Glance introduce NFTs to a new class of consumers – Gen Z users.

Glance has identified gaming as its latest focus, and it has had partnerships in the past with phone makers to deliver media and entertainment to Smartphone users. Glance found a bit of success in 2021 after launching a series of casual games that users immediately accepted, and now the company has a presence on more than 400 million devices.

Glance is one company that’s not shy about making acquisitions; they are always interested in acquiring smaller companies to help drive their growth goals. 

Over the years, Glance acquired Shop101 and Roposo, and the acquisition of Gambit is the latest. This is an impressive line of acquisitions for a company of its size and age.

Glance has solidified its place as a significant player in the ecosystem. Glance’s COO shared the following concerning its user behavior, “Almost 10 million people are watching live game streaming on Glance every month. So our idea was, how do we also bring live game shows on the platform?”

Glance NFT Push

Piyush Shah, Glance’s COO, confirmed the company’s acquisition of Gambit but failed to share the financial terms of the agreement. During an interview with TechCrunch, Shah shared that the acquisition will help bring NFT-based incentives and live game shows to its users to help improve their gaming experiences.

During the conversation, Shah shared the following about the potential benefits of NFTs to Glance users, “It will have utilitarian benefits — where owning the digital virtual assets will allow users to build strong character in games — and at the same time these NFTs could be listed and traded on NFT marketplaces and exchanges to help users earn and own.”

There’s no information about what blockchain Glance will employ for its NFT launch, and nor did Shah share information about firms the company plans to partner with.

Glance in the Web3 Space

Glance is still in the early stages of its Web3 drive, but since its Gambit acquisition, the company is better positioned to launch and compete against established players. Glance plans to partner with other gaming firms, influencers, and gamers as time goes on.

Glance is currently valued at $1.7 billion; 2022 promises to be a fantastic year for Glance and Gambit; Yashashvi Takallapalli, CEO of Gambit, shared the following about the acquisition. “With Glance and Gambit’s combined strengths and our belief that there is a game for every person, we envision doubling the number of monthly active gamers on Glance Games in the next year.”


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