PUBG Studio Set to Develop Web3 Games

Krafton, the studio behind one of the most famous games globally, recently signed a deal that’ll see the company develop “NFT and blockchain-based” games and services.

PUBG to the World

Few games are more widely accepted and played than PUBG, with millions of users worldwide, this game has truly captured the attention and imagination of gamers and non-gamers alike. One of the critical aspects of video games is creating a world separate from our realities.

You may be a college student in the real world, while in PUBG, you’re a tactical commando. 

For decades, video games have helped children and adults alike experience a world that’s different from theirs and live a reality that might not be possible or realistic in the real world.

PUBG has gained worldwide critical acclaim by creating games that keep redefining what the gaming experience should be with world-class graphics and scintillating storylines. 

Nobody can deny that PUBG knows what they’re doing when creating games.

When we consider the Metaverse concept, a significant part of it is helping people live virtual or hybrid experiences that may not be possible without technology. When you take a company like Krafton that’s well versed in creating immersive virtual experiences and ask them to work on a Metaverse project, you can expect the best of both worlds.

PUBG fans, NFT enthusiasts, and the general public can celebrate Krafton’s recently closed deal with a major blockchain company.

Krafton x Solana Labs

Krafton recently announced the signing of a partnership with Solana labs, a significant blockchain company. According to Krafton, the deal will have both companies collaborate on developing, designing, operating, and marketing what they termed “blockchain- and NFT-based games and services.”

If Solana Labs sounds familiar, it is because they are the company behind the creation of the Solana blockchain – a blockchain that offers cheaper transactions at faster speeds. In February, Krafton shared its intention to enter the blockchain gaming space by partnering with Naver Z to create “a new Web 3.0 and non-fungible token (NFT) project aimed at building an NFT metaverse platform.”

Developers in the “West” have had to distance themselves from blockchain gaming products after having the impossible task of convincing developers and fans to get onboard. After a string of failed blockchain gaming products, there has been a bit of hesitation from industry players.

Krafton: Trouble on the home front?

Krafton, a South Korean company, has faced new competition in its home country. This has led to a sharp decline in its share price. Chinese companies have moved to South Korea in droves after crackdowns by regulators in the world’s second-largest economy.

Since, the influx of Chinese developers into the South Korean space, Korean developers have been under a considerable amount of pressure as they try to compete with this new form of competition. Moreover, this has led some to develop play-to-earn games that integrate blockchain technology as a last-ditch effort to shore up revenues.


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