Why the Illuvium partnership with Immutable X is a Perfect Match

Earlier in 2022, Illuvium, an online adventure game built on the Ethereum blockchain, decided to partner with Immutable X; here’s why the partnership is perfect.

Immutable X and Illuvium: Match made in Heaven

If you’re not familiar with Illuvium, it’s an open-world RPG adventure game. In this game, you can hunt and capture Illuvials across a myriad of exciting landscapes, and Illuvials are deity-like creatures that play an essential role throughout the game. The Illuvium game exists on the Ethereum blockchain, and you can store your Illuvials on Shards.

Immutable X is committed to ensuring that NFTs are traded in a decentralized and open ecosystem. They help secure Ethereum-based assets by letting users set their trading fees, allowing zero gas fees for P2P trading, easy scalability, and minimal risk to users. Most importantly, this company is committed to carbon neutrality.

Immutable X and Illuvium are working together to solve a problem that many people in the NFT space have. If you ask most people what they feel is the biggest threat to NFT projects, the high cost of transactions on the Ethereum network usually ranks in the top 3.

Illuvium is proud of its partnership with Immutable, and if you visit their website, you’ll be able to learn more about the zero gas fees this partnership offers, quicker transactions, and a greater level of privacy and security.

Why did Illuvium and Immutable X decide to partner?

Ethereum is the platform of choice for many NFT projects, but most projects use the Ethereum blockchain not because of its many advantages but despite its flaws. One of the most significant limitations of the Ethereum blockchain is the severe shortage of transactions it can handle.

Limited transaction slots mean that almost every transaction is a bidding war. Users usually have no choice but to bid up gas prices to ensure that their transactions are given priority. Nowadays, the average gas price for NFTs is $15, which is enough to make a good transaction instantly seem unattractive in many instances.

Immutable X is at the forefront of delivering technology that makes it easier and more economical to transfer NFTs. They’re delivering their solution without any downsides, such as reduced security. Illuvium likes the products offered by Immutable X, which is why we have this partnership.

Beyond this Partnership

The teams at Immutable X are working on a solution to improve the state of NFT liquidity, and if they’re able to solve this problem, it means that sellers will be able to find buyers that want their NFT, while sellers will easily connect with buyers that have found what they’re looking for.

The team at Illuvium is also aware that Immutable offers a “pooled liquidity” feature that allows the listing of assets across all the exchanges that support their service, which can open up incredible opportunities for insane crossovers between Illuvium and other NFT projects through Immutable X.


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