Littles NFT Project Inspires Children’s Series

TIME set to expand on its NFT initiatives through the creation of an animated franchise, set to partner with a fresh NFT creator to create its fourth NFT-related project.

TIME: More than Meets the Eyes

Time magazine is one of the most recognizable magazine and media brands worldwide, and it’s not a newcomer to the NFT space. After releasing three successful NFT projects, TIME, through one of its subsidiaries, is ready to create the fourth instalment of its NFT project.

TIME Studios is a critically acclaimed unit, and it is the television and film production subsidiary of TIME. TIME Studios is also responsible for the TIME NFT initiatives, and on 10 March 2022, this unit announced that the development of its fourth NFT project is already in motion.

The upcoming NFT project will be a children’s series based on” the littles,” an NFT collection by creators and founders Wil Lee and Cassandra Chan, and it will be produced by TIME Studios’ Kids & Family Division.

When you think about major players in the NFT space, TIME might not immediately come to mind, but this company has solidified itself as an essential and recurring player in the NFT space. By its actions over the last few months, TIME seems to be committed to its NFT strategy, and it’s always refreshing to see organizations genuinely interested in NFTs rather than treating them as a cash grab. According to TIME Studios, it aims to impact communities with ideas that forge true progress.

TIME’s NFT Journey

“The littles” project is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, and this project has a fantastic back story; it was inspired by the way the co-founder’s daughter interacts with her world. This project aims to emphasize the values of humility, fun, and inclusion.

The upcoming project is the sequel to earlier NFT projects, including Robotos NFT collection, Smilesssvrs, and Toy Boogers. Maria Perez-Brown, the Head of Kids & Family at TIME Studios, shared the following about NFTs, “NFTs are allowing us the opportunity to work with diverse creators that cover a broad range of ages and world-views.”

When we take a quick look at the TIME NFT program, it’s easy to see that it’s more family-centric and created from a child’s point of view. TIME’s NFT journey has been a cute and scintillating one, and it’s safe to say that its approach has been a breath of fresh air.

Is it time to view life from a child’s point of view?

Time’s NFT strategy tells us to make progress; it might be necessary to take a step back and reevaluate life from an innocent perspective. When we combine the groundbreaking technology of NFTs & Web3 with the simplicity and innocence of children’s perspective, we get magic.

The creator of the littles shared the following, “web3 has enabled me to share my roots globally, and through the littles to capture and share that long-forgotten sense of awe that children have.”


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