UFC Strike goes Big with NFTs

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become the gold standard for Mixed Martial Arts professionals, and over the last few months, the UFC has doubled down on NFTs and the digital world with UFC Strike.

UFC partners with Crypto.com

Crypto.com is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms globally. Its recent growth and activities have been nothing short of astonishing. UFC and Crypto.com plan to be long-term partners, and these two organizations have helped each other achieve goals and break into new markets.

In November 2021, the UFC announced a significant expansion of the Crypto.com partnership. It’ll now include a line of exclusive UFC NFTs. Crypto.com will offer numerous UFC digital collectibles, including fight night artworks, fighter collections, championship belts, event posters, mystery items, and much more.

A fantastic aspect of the partnership is that UFC athletes are entitled to 50% of UFC’s NFT sales revenue, which is a welcome development by almost everyone. UFC NFTs launched on Crypto.com on November 4, 2021, and over the last three months, the UFC has doubled down on its NFTs and digital arts strategy.

Obviously, the UFC believes in Crypto.com, and this partnership promises to be the beginning of amazing things in the future.

UFC Strike

UFC strike is a collection of collectible moments of UFC fighters, and the idea is not new as UFC strike is comparable to NBA Top Shot, where highlights of NBA stars are made into video NFTs.

Imagine a physical sports card; now make it virtual to understand better how the concept works. With a virtual sports card, the team behind the UFC strike can add a video highlight to it (physical sports cards only allow pictures). What defines the value of a moment includes fighter popularity, how insane it is, the number of similar highlights in existence, and fighter rank.

UFC strike moments are a way for fans to get in on the action and gain a sense of ownership with UFC moments; owning rare, valuable highlights of successful stars can be a significant investment.

UFC and Dapper Labs

To deliver a fantastic UFC Strike experience, the UFC is currently in partnership with Dapper Labs to help it create and distribute memorable moments as NFTs. The first UFC Strike drop happened in January, with 100,000 packs released.

If you are interested in participating in future NFT Strike drops, you’ll need to create a Dapper account; after account creation, you’ll need to connect a bank card to be able to make purchases. After successfully adding your card details, you’ll need a bit of patience until a drop occurs, then position yourself on the website pack page in time for future UFC Strike drops.

Since the first drop occurred, holders can trade their UFC Strike moments, meaning that new entries into the UFC NFTs scene do not need to wait for a drop before getting their hands on a UFC Strike moment. It’ll be exciting to witness the future NFTs moves the UFC will make, and it should be a smash.


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