The Sandbox – Alpha Season 2 is just one day away from its release!

The Sandbox has become one of the most loved and popular NFT games in the Playtoearn Community, and it is not a surprise at all. The game’s still in its Alpha state, but they are currently getting plenty of feedback from the community, and the game’s improving every day because of it. With one of the best teams behind the project, a great game, and most importantly, a great community, this game shows nothing but success in its future release. Also, did I forget to mention that they have Snoop Dog supporting the project? Heck yeah!

We need to appreciate Snoop’s involvement with the NFT space because he has brought so much positivity and love to the NFT community. Since he’s been engaging with more NFT related content via Twitter, he has motivated the media companies to bring more exposure to the NFT games as a whole. Now that his 10,000 Snoop’s avatars successfully sold out, you’d have to ask, what’s next for The Sandbox?

And here’s what’s next:

There are plenty of things to look out for, but the most important one is the release of Alpha Season 2, which will include:

So, these are the most important points to highlight:

  •  35+ experiences that will be OPEN TO ALL!
  •  Even more ways to win an Alpha Pass!
  •  And It’ll be available on macOS!

Isn’t that great? Now, let’s dive in and take a look at it ourselves:

Now, are you ready to join the Metaverse? If you are one of the lucky ones who could get the Alpha Pass, make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. And if you’re one of those unlucky ones that still haven’t obtained your Alpha Pass, we’d suggest keeping yourself updated by following their Twitter account, as you may be one of the lucky ones to gain access.

The future

The hype and the anticipation are piling up, and there’s nothing but good things to say about this project. We are watching history in the making, and most people haven’t realized it. The NFT games are going to change the way the gaming industry works. Blockchain gaming is the future, and It’s here to stay.

We’ll bring you more information as soon as the Alpha Season 2 releases, and we are just one day away from the release date! So, stay tuned!


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