The Cryptosea: The First Metaverse Under the Sea Built on Solana

“We exist to make NFTs  a fun and tangible community experience. We enjoy & protect  the marine ecosystem  for generations to come.” – The CryptoSea

The CryptoSea is a metaverse that is actually working towards sustaining the ocean through the minting of their eight NFT collections.  Currently, they have 2/8 collections available for minting with the second going live on the 13th March which will be their ‘Salty Shrimps’ collection. Each collection has its own roadmap consisting of Charity, Adventure Trip and Airdrops.

Purchasers will have a chance to win an island-hopping trip to Thailand upon minting a ‘Salty Shrimp NFT’. Not only this but for every shrimp that is minted, one mangrove tree will be planted through the charity protection of mangrove forests. Not to forget the free airdrops for the first 200 minters which will be an NFT from their third collection soon to be released.  

The third to eighth collections are yet to be revealed but the collections are inspired by the Bitcoin holder ranking, so: humpback, whale, shark, dolphin, fish, octopus, crab, and shrimp. There will be a total of 1,696 ‘Salty Shrimps’ minted this March in addition to the 696 ‘shuffle sharks’ that were minted in December.  The charity for that collection is in cooperation with which allowed minters to adopt a shark, give it a name and receive a personalized shark adoption certificate. The trip available for one lucky ‘Shuffle Shark’ holder is a shark diving trip to South Africa. The drawing of the winner will take place on February 28th. Every ‘Shuffle Sharks’ holder has a chance to win.

NFTs can come in three specifications: Regular, Companion, and Ultra-Rare.  This does not mean that a ‘Regular’ NFT cannot be rare as all NFTs have their own unique features making each and every one different.  No two NFTs will ever be the same.


All NFTs will be available for mint on Magic Eden, Digital Eyes and SolSea.  The latest ‘Salty Shrimps’ collection will be available on the 13th March at 7 PM UTC with a pre-sale mint price of 0.66 SOL and a public mint price of 0.99 SOL.  

There will also be 100 whitelist spots available. Detailed information is on their Discord channel.


The mission of The CryptoSea is to provide access to unique experiences & foster unforgettable memories across the globe – bridging the gap between virtual and real-life community experiences.

To get there:

The CryptoSea already has a Virtual Community Space on ‘Portals’ where it’s possible to hang out, host events, join town halls, enter raffles & more. 

They also plan to offer a Virtual Gaming Experience where you can load & flex your NFTs, crack high scores, win special competitions and grab waves of prizes which will be in the form of a side scroll video game.

 Next up will be a Community Beach House where members will acquire membership to the mansion with direct beach access and everyone who holds a full set (one of each species) of the NFT collections can stay for free & enjoy the sea.

 Also on the roadmap is a ‘Crypto Beach Fest’ where each NFT holder gets a free ticket to the festival and gets free access to an action-packed festival agenda.  Think party, drinks, food, diving, surfing, and boat activities.

Last on the roadmap is ‘Community Cashback’ for all holders. 50% of all royalties (2.5% of secondary sales) from the 8 NFT collections will be transferred to The CryptoSea’s community wallet and after the last mint of the final species is closed the funds will be distributed back to all holders of a full set which is at least 1 NFT from each of the 8 collections.

The Team & Partners

 The team consists of five close friends from Berlin, Germany: Hans, Frabian, Benedikt, Bjoern, and Hauke. They have been friends since school days, playing video games that were as pixelated as their The CryptoSea NFTs. Today, they are crypto enthusiasts, marketing geeks and amazing blockchain developers striving to become the leading  NFT community on Solana for virtual and IRL events & experiences. They have also partnered with a whole host of names including Coindesk, NFT News Today, NFT Evening, and NFT Plazas to name a few.





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