Goons of Balatroon: An interview with the team

The Goons of Balatroon team took time out to talk about their wacky collection. We chatted about their plans to create a universe with its own sustainable economy, its own token (GOB). A place where fun is the essential ingredient.

Who are the Goons of Balatroon? 

The Goons are factions of sentient beings in an alternate universe where some crazy stuff  has happened. Long story short, there’s time travel… mutations… greed… corruption… and as a result, 9696 wacky ERC-721 NFT characters on an ancient land called Balatroon.

Why Goons? What makes you different? 

Humor and ridiculousness. Think of a universe where everything is just one big “Great Accident”. Nothing makes sense at first, yet everything is hilarious and ties in together at the end. We got tired of looking at various NFT collections that were just a copy or remix of the previous one and concluded that one common thing missing everywhere was humor and fun. Everything from our main collection traits, to our Goon Card, game assets, are dialed up and tuned for max insanity. 

Can I upgrade my Goons? 

Absolutely! The Goon Factory will bring options to add, modify traits and soup up your Goons to get them ready for battles and competitions. The bodies you create offer enhanced stacking bonuses for our native utility token- $GOB. If that isn’t your style, they can be traded separately from your main Goon NFT. Future utility is planned for these bodies, and all other assets in the Goon ecosystem. We see ourselves as creators of value, for our holders, and won’t leave any of our assets behind!  Factory ->

What is the $GOB token? 

$GOB is an ERC-20 token that you can use for various things. Among those things are accumulating vast amounts of it, shilling it on Twitter and then dumping it on your followers. Stop, don’t do that! Use it to do more useful things such as: => Renaming your Goons with unique, custom names => Crafting cards (aka breeding) => Customizing Goons further => Buying more card packs => Voting on proposals. As the Goon ecosystem grows even more utility will be added, as with all things Balatroon, your imagination is the only limit there is.  

What can the community expect? 

You can definitely expect an absolute wild time. That’s what we’re here to do. But seriously, we will re-invest heavily back into the GOB brand. This includes floor buy-backs, free contest giveaways and airdrops to help the value of your Goons rise over time. Out of the 2.5% secondary markets transaction fee, 0.5% will go to the GOB team, and 2% will be dropped back to the community wallet.

What is your vision for the project? 

We are self-aware degens who broke away from normal society. Our vision is motivated not by selling out a collection but rather to create a universe that will tap into our most primitive impulses through ridiculous cartoons, addictive games and fun communal experience. Our end goal is to grow a fun, multi-functional, recognizable creative brand and continuously provide value to the community that in many ways owns our brand. Our main path for such actualization is providing value through – cartoons, comics & gaming.

What type of game are you creating?

Goons of Balatroon is a funny, wacky NFT universe featuring a card battle game, where player factions fight each other for the control of Balatroon using Goon Cards and earn $GOB tokens for their valiant efforts. Unlike other card games, we created our own, unique game, which is hard to compare with the A-tier card games in the gaming space. We strive to be different, and view this as the perfect time to break away from the standard gaming mold, and create something crazy, fun, and utterly unique.

Why would anyone invest in your project?

We are not just a card game. We are creating a universe with its own sustainable economy. Doing this gives us the possibility to attract different kind of people eg. Investors, collectors and gamers. To keep this economy sustainable, we adjust our strategy compared to other P2E projects and make sure that this game is primarily focussed on fun and secondary focused on earning. We like to think we have something to offer everyone involved with NFTs, whether they simply dabble, or have dived, headfirst into the NFT OpenSea, in search of that which LooksRare.

What is going on in Goons of Balatroon right now?

The Goons project has a totally packed schedule, at the moment! Our in-game assets, our genesis Goon Card NFT packs are up for sale. We are rolling out our card unpacker, within days, by the time you are reading this, it may even be in the wild! We have a number of partnerships coming on board, these allow other NFT projects to use their own NFT avatars, in our game, to earn rewards. While our Goon NFTs  will always have the highest reward multipliers, holders of our partner projects can boost their multipliers as well! We are even seeking to include strong communities that have been abandoned by their developers. Currently we are seeking out what are colloquially referred to as “rugged” projects, and aim to return value to their own NFTs, in the form of enhanced multipliers as well.  There has never been a better time to join our discord, as we are holding weekly giveaways for new members.  We even have something for the collectors. They can utilize their NFT avatars and Goon cards to complete collection achievements, in our revolutionary collect-to-earn metagame. Last, but certainly not least, our play-to-earn game beta is rapidly approaching, as well, with full release expected in the March-April timeframe. 

What about the roadmap of this project?

Goons of Balatroon Roadmap


Goons of Balatroon ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for an play-to-earn game that will still be standing after the dust settles from all the new launches. They have loads planned for the coming weeks and months including new card packs and partnerships in the offing.


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