Shuffle Sharks marine metaverse on Solana

Shuffle Sharks NFT project, the first release of the CryptoSea metaverse, went public on the 12th of December on the Solana network. The set of 10,000 pixelated Shuffle Shark NFTs can be minted at a cost of 0.66 Sol. You can mint your shuffle Shark via the site.

Currently, they are running the ‘CHAINGIVEBACK”. Meaning if you are lucky enough to mint a shark with a chain (20% chance), you get your 0.66 SOL back. Now, they aren’t bad odds.

The team at Shuffle Sharks used a computer program to generate one of a kind NFTs with an array of different traits and attributes.  No two NFTs are the same, whilst some are rarer than others. In addition, the team have created a set of 15 ultra-rare Shuffle Sharks that have been created by hand and gift you, exclusivity.

Shuffle Sharks Rarity

The NFTs are assembled from an assortment of traits.

  • Skin– There are 14 different skin types with plain blue skin being the most common at 20%, and blue skin with dots the rarest at 4%.
  • Chain– The chains are found around the neck of the sharks. There are nine varieties of chains. Moreover, there are only 20% of the sharks boast this attribute.
  • Companion– There are 4 types of companions, 3 of which are fish and the other which is the rarest with only 10%, being an octopus.
  • Mouth– This time you can get one of 12 types of mouth, with the most common consisting of 20% of all sharks to an ultra-rare purple mouth for 1%.
  • Gills– There are only 3 types of gills with 94% for one and another that only 1% of sharks have.
  • Eyes– these have a larger variety of traits, with 19 different eyes, ranging from a rarity of 1% to 15%.
  • Hats– the largest variety of traits are the hats with 31 types ranging between 1% and 6%.
  • Background– there are 6 backgrounds with blue being the most common at 25% and the rarest, the grey background at 9%.

Additionally, for each Shuffle Shark that you hold, you will receive a free Salty Shrimp NFT when they are minted in March 2022.

Minting now !!!!

Strategy going forward

Shuffle Sharks NFTs are only the beginning of the journey. They are to be part of a larger metaverse, CryptoSea, which intends to drop 8 separate NFT species in all. The goal behind the metaverse is to make people more aware of changes to our ocean ecosystems. Hopefully, holders to become involved in the fight to save them.

To this end, they intend to partner with different charities around the world to protect the marine environment. First up, they shall donate to, to help safeguard the future of sharks.

Swim with sharks

As part of their partnership with, they will adopt 1 shark for every 10 Shuffle Sharks minted. One lucky holder will become a certified adoptive parent of a real-life shark.

To keep the community engaged they also plan attractive perks, including a trip to South Africa to swim with sharks (not for the faint-hearted).

Each shark holder has the chance to travel to one of the world´s best shark diving destinations. They will swim with white and cow sharks at False Bay. It’s truly a once-in-lifetime experience. You get 1x lottery ticket for a regular Shuffle Shark, 2x lottery tickets for a Limited-Edition Shark. Moreover, holders of an Ultra-Rare Shuffle Shark 15x lottery tickets.

Be the OG

The inspiration for ‘Be the OG’ comes from ‘BitcoinHodlers Ranking’. Everybody who holds one of each species in the CryptoSea metaverse will be eligible to win the major prize.

Enter the House of Perks

CryptoSea is buying Land on Solana based Portals. This will give the community a place to chill, create spaces for inventories and showcase their NFTs. Only holders of Shuffle Sharks will have access to the virtual space. In the House of Perks, they can enjoy privileges, including airdrops, giveaways, community parties, special guests, reveals and more.

Other things they propose, are to employ a full-time community manager for their discord channel, which has over 7750 members. they will also keep the project relevant on social media. Moreover, they shall keep 25% of royalties available to help shore up the floor price for the first 6 months.

Finally, they intend to use 10% of primary sales to incorporate the ideas coming from the community into the product.

About Shuffle Sharks

Shuffle Sharks is the creation of a group of friends from Berlin, Germany. According to their website, “we are crypto enthusiasts, marketing geeks and amazing blockchain developers. But most importantly, we are experts in those particular fields and really know our stuff”.

About CryptoSea

CryptoSea is the metaverse in which the Shuffle Sharks shall reside. They will eventually be accompanied by a further 7 collections. They are Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin, Whale and Humpback.

In the future, CryptoSea will introduce a fun game that includes all the different collections. They also plan to institute a DOA to create further participation and security.

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