Everdragons2 to drop cross-chain NFT

Metaverse, December 10, 2021

Everdragons2 Dropping Series of Cross-chain NFT Assets That Can Be Collected, Redeemed, And Used for Games.

New project includes building out associated metaverse game, Origins, while also paying homage to the original Everdragons legacy–one of the earliest cross-chain NFT projects to exist–with a portion of proceeds supporting endangered Komodo dragons

Of a total 10001 Everdragons2 assets to be minted, 8000 are being made available for public purchase, each with a blind randomized level of rarityใ

(The Metaverse) – ‘Nduja Labs, the genesis team behind play-to-earn crypto-metaverse NFT gaming project, Everdragons2, is announcing today the public drop of its NFT collection of 10001 dragons, each of which resides within an egg that, upon conclusion of the sale, will hatch into a dragon of varying rarity. Every dragon is randomly generated from hundreds of assets and harkens back to the original Everdragons, a collection of 1332 unique assets minted in 2018 among Ethereum, POA Network, and Tron.

The original Everdragons are one of the earliest cross-chain NFT projects in existence, an innovative undertaking in terms of its creative vision and technical sophistication. To breathe new life into the captivating Everdragons realm, the Everdragons2 collection reimagines the original project’s assets in tribute as well as to preserve the integrity of the initial creations. Like the originals, the new Everdragons all contain unique DNA and are safely stored on the blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.


In addition to being collectible digital assets, each dragon can be used as an avatar or item in compatible games, for example, within the metaverse or in Everdragons2’s upcoming in-house game, Origins, which is being created in collaboration with the original Everdragons team. Everdragons2 is currently integrating with existing popular games as well as developing games of its own. Each egg is either a rare or common type, from which can hatch either rare or common dragons.

To incorporate an element of mystery and surprise, while themselves either common or rare, the initial eggs do not reveal anything about the corresponding dragon’s level of rarity. Instead, the dragon’s unique attributes are discovered only upon hatching from the egg. When accepting responsibility for a dragon, the holder’s mark is forever embedded within Everdragons2’s epic history and universe.

“When I first discovered the original Everdragons back in 2018 I found it truly magical that people could move dragons among Ethereum, POA Network, and Tron to play games that make sense only on these specific networks,” says Francesco Sullo, the Co-founder and Head of Blockchain at Everdragons2 as well as the Head of Blockchain at play-to-earn metaverse game, Syn City. “This original project, as groundbreaking as it was, did not receive the public support and uptake it deserved. This is one of the driving factors in the development of Everdragons2, to inject new energy and focus into a project that was ahead of its time. With the drop of Everdragons2 we are giving this project a much deserved new life.”

Everdragons2 Drop

The drop will occur via Dutch auction process at an initially inflated price with a 10 percent price reduction each hour, reaching a floor after 28 hours. Discounts will be available for early community members, and to honor those who initially supported the project, several hundred Everdragons2 NFTs are being reserved for original Everdragons holders who can claim them for free. After purchase, each dragon will live on Polygon.

“We’ve chosen to move forward with a Dutch auction format specifically to avoid a gas war and to generate fair distribution among the community,” adds Emanuele Cesena, Everdragons2’s Co-founder and Crypto Lead. “This strategy will be beneficial to Everdragons2 buyers on several levels which is great because putting the community first is one of the fundamental principles our genesis team holds dear. We’re very happy with the amount of experience, range of skill-sets, and core values our team possesses.”

The Everdragons2 genesis team consists of seasoned tech and crypto industry professionals including:

  • Francesco Sullo – Artist and technologist. Created the first Host-proof Hosting password manager in the world. Has worked with Jumpcam, Turo, and Yahoo. Focused on blockchain since 2017.
  • Davide Di Cillo – Product leader with a passion for building. Has worked with Facebook and Pinterest. Currently leading products to grow the crypto ecosystem at Coinbase. Highly knowledgeable and passionate about the NFT space.
  • Emanuele Cesena – Co-founder of SoloKeys, the first open source FIDO2 security key. Previously ran product security team at Pinterest, co-founded Theneeds (acquired by Shopkick), and was a researcher in the security group at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Holds a PhD in Mathematics with a thesis in elliptic curve cryptography.
  • Luigi Bajetti – Full-time startup investor/adviser since 2013. General partner and co-founder at Menlo Park-based early-stage venture capital firm, Lombardstreet Ventures. 20 years of experience in tech and internet-based companies. Extensive experience building early-stage company teams, products, and go-to-market strategies. Deep understanding of the technology and telecommunications industries.
  • Luke Kim – Long-standing focus on civic innovation. Created a R&D laboratory for government officials at the United Nations Plaza building in San Francisco with the mayor’s office and White House. Co-founder of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Co-inventor of blockchain-based public finance models in partnership with a U.S. mayor’s office. Technology marketer who has raised over $25 million in venture funding.
  • Jormungandr – The Dragon Master. Has been in crypto since 2016 and is currently leading marketing at one of the oldest and most established blockchain companies.
Everdragons 2 avatars

There are a range of components within the Everdragons2 project including but not limited to:


In the upcoming Origins, the play-to-earn game of the Everdragons Metaverse, holders of Everdragons2 will receive a Loot Box containing Obsidian (the Origins token), Settlement Plans, and Genesis Units based on rarity. Origins is a massive turn-based tactical multiplayer game where powerful alliances are forged and the community decides the fate of the world. In the future, the team intends for dragons to be used as avatars or items in compatible games and crypto-metaverse ecosystems.

DeFi: Stake-to-Earn

NFT holders will have the ability to take part in DeFi applications through Everdragons2, the Everdragons Metaverse, and all things cross-compatible.

Philanthropy: Save Endangered Species and Environments

Philanthropy is a core component of the Everdragons2 project. Appropriately, at least 10 Ethers coming from the proceeds of the Everdragons2 sale will be donated to support the Yayasan Komodo Survival Program, an Indonesian-based non-profit organization with the mission of providing sound information on wildlife biology to help devise management and conservation plans for the Komodo dragon and its natural habitat.

To establish an initial commitment, one Ether has already been donated in advance of the sale to help the organization begin its blockchain experience, with the remaining 10-plus being donated as sales proceed. As the Everdragons2 project progresses, the DAO will choose other species at risk of extinction to be supported via dedicated initiatives as well as through the release of “adopt an animal” NFT perks.

Exclusive Experiences: Prize Drops and Perks

Dragon owners are eligible for meaningful travel and tourism opportunities. Initially, one lucky Everdragons2 owner will win a two day trip including a free tour of Komodo dragon habitats–Earth’s last remaining real live dragon–facilitated via the expert support and guidance of the Yayasan Komodo Survival Program. This trip is virtually impossible to book as a regular person and offers an extremely unique, valuable, and meaningful experience. Additional exclusive experiences will be offered as the project progresses.

Community Fun: DAO

20 percent of proceeds from Everdragons2 is reserved for the Community Treasury, which is a pool of resources controlled by the DAO. The DAO can vote to use these resources for more philanthropy, for DAO member reward payouts, and for real life meetings (e.g. sponsoring parties at blockchain conferences, renting an island, building sub-projects, etc.). The DAO allows NFT holders to determine the future of the project and their own destiny.

Physical Goods: Redeemables and Collectibles

Various highly desirable items and other perks will be distributed throughout the Everdragons2 community via raffles. Some raffles will be open to the entire community, with others available only to rare dragon holders. ”At its heart, Everdragons2 is a true passion project inspired by the creative vision and admirable technological goals of the original Everdragons,” says Luigi Bajetti, Co-founder of Everdragons2. “The original Everdragons represent a profound belief in decentralized technology and have pushed technical boundaries on multiple fronts. Our core team is earnestly dedicated to advancing this revolutionary technology and thus, we are honored to help forward the vision with Everdragons2.

play to earn withEverdragon2

To purchase a dragon, interested parties must have a wallet like Metamask. At the time of the sale, simply connect the wallet to https://www.everdragons2.com/ and select the number of dragons to mint. Metadata and images will be served by Everdragons2, with consistency and immutability being guaranteed using OpenTimestamp.org. Additionally, a publicly accessible cryptographic process is being implemented to guarantee legitimacy of the blind sale, the details of which can be found here. The best way to purchase original Everdragons is at OpenSea within the Everdragons marketplace.

Post-sale, the Everdragons2 team will be focusing on building out the Everdragons Metaverse, increasing DeFi opportunities and the redeemable and collectible value of assets, boosting contributions to charitable causes, and growing the size and diversity of the community as well as securing partnerships with brands, manufacturers, influencers, and celebrities.

About Everdragon2

Everdragons2 is a collection of 10,001 dragons randomly generated from hundreds of assets. They inherit the legacy of Everdragons, minted in 2018 as the first bridgeable cross-chain non-fungible token (NFT) for gaming. In the marvelous upcoming Origins, the play-to-earn game of the Everdragons Metaverse, holders of Everdragons2 will get a Loot Box containing Obsidian (the Origins token), Settlement Plans, and Genesis Units based on rarity. For more information, please visit https://www.everdragons2.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/everdragons2

Discord: https://discord.gg/AzfFnUjrnG

Medium: https://medium.com/everdragons2

Website: https://www.everdragons2.com/

‘Nduja Labs Team: https://medium.com/everdragons2/team-and-community-36fb1906b742


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