Drone Racing League Releases Trailer of Metaverse Project Drone Galaxy

Get ready to take off into the Metaverse with Project Drone Galaxy, a cutting-edge multiplayer drone racing experience from DRL and Playground Labs, who announced its launch later this year with a teaser trailer.

The game is a huge step forward for Web3 and Metaverse games as DRL and Playground Labs continue to innovate and lead the way.

Get Ready for New Multiplayer Drone Racing Game in the Metaverse

The Drone Racing League, the world’s premier and professional drone racing entity, has unveiled the trailer of their highly anticipated game Project Drone Galaxy™.

Coming later in 2023, you’ll get an action-packed drone racing game that fuses the adrenaline of e-sports gaming and blockchain innovation right infront of you in the Metaverse.

You’ll be able to put your building skills to the test as you craft drones to compete in races for a chance to win digital prizes on the Algorand blockchain.

Project Drone Galaxy is set to be the pinnacle of drone racing games for both adrenaline-seeking racers and Web3 users alike. The game’s flying mechanics will no doubt make it a hit with anyone looking for an exciting experience, while its blockchain technology is bound to excite those eager for blockchain to integrate.

The trailer was a teaser of what is to come ahead of the DRL’s Algorand Word Championships, which is in Miami, FL on 25 February.

Speaking of the launch Playground Labs CEO Sam Peurifoy said the company was continuing its efforts to integrate Blockchain into gaming without disrupting gamers fun experienced.

‘Project Drone Galaxy’s high-intensity esports-focused gameplay sets a new standard for web3 gaming, and demonstrates what it means to responsibly integrate blockchain technologies in a way that puts users in the driver’s seat.’

And going by the Project Drone Galaxy trailer, players are in store for some extraordinary experiences unprecedented to even other Web3. After all, not many games allow you to drive a drone through the Metaverse galaxy.

Drone Racing League CMO Anne Marie Gianutsos said the company’s focus was on Web3 gaming and by partnering with Algorand, the ‘Drone Racing League is made for Web3’ and will excite their drone racing fans.

What is Drone Racing League

Founded by Nicholas Horbaczewski in 2015, and headquartered in New York City, Drone Racing League (DRL) is the biggest professional drone racing property in the world.

Blending innovative technology and immersive experiences into drone racing competitions both physically and virtually, DRL ushers gaming entertainment. In doing so, DRL attracts some of the best pilots to fly their drones in intense and thrilling races that captivate millions of fans across mainstream and social media.

What is Playground Labs

Playground Labs is revolutionizing the metaverse by delivering digital productivity. Through creating DAOs and play-to-earn gaming products, Playground Labs is constructing a new infrastructure for the metaverse economy — allowing gamers to receive real economic benefits just from playing games they enjoy.


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