Artist NFT Queen talks about her Hollawood collection

In this latest art interview, we chat to the NFT Queen, the creator of Hollawood. She is a young artist with a lot of confidence and believe in herself and her ability.

Part 1 Biography

Who are you? Where are you from?

My name is Malin Eklund, but in the NFT world, I go by NFT Queen.
Now, many people might think that calling yourself NFT Queen is very ballsy, and it is, but hear me out.
I am a highly ambitious 20 years old female NFT artist living in Stockholm, Sweden.
I decided to combine my NFT art with my social media persona to create the ultimate NFT artist that will be the #1 topic of discussion in both the NFT community and the mainstream.
Besides being NFT Queen full-time, I currently study marketing and business.

What is your background?

For as long as I can remember I have always been very artistic. Growing up I was always known as the little artist who liked to draw portraits of friends and family, or fantasy characters, my dream shoes, or whoever was my favorite musician at the time. Drawing and painting have been my #1 passion for most of my life.

Dancing has been another passion of mine for most of my life. Hence why my family got so surprised when I chose to study science and math as a 16 years-old.

Me going into the NFT market is the first time I’m pursuing any form of art professionally and wholeheartedly. I am so excited! It feels like I am going back to my roots and can finally let my childish creativity flourish again. Any stupid or crazy idea that I have I can act upon.

Nothing is impossible with NFTs. After being tied to an office desk as a sales agent for…way too long, this is a huge relief, and I’m loving every second.

Stars of Hollawood

What type of digital art/NFTs do you create?

Right now I focus on pixel art for my HOLLAWOOD collection. I find the art style so
quirky and fitting for the NFT market, I just had to get in on this awesome art style. But as the NFT Queen, I never want to limit myself to one particular art style. My next collection might be totally different from HOLLAWOOD. But as a rule of thumb, my NFTs will most likely be two-dimensional non-moving jpegs.

What made you start creating NFT art?

One night I had a long conversation with a friend over the phone, we talked about anything and everything. I mentioned how I missed creating art, and how I used to make YouTube videos of me creating digital art some years back.

My friend then suggested that I should start creating NFTs, something that I knew very little about at the time. But the thought of creating art on a blockchain was really interesting, and I started to look into the world of NFTs a bit more.

I realized what a gem the whole NFT space actually is, and I knew that this is an opportunity that as an artist, you don’t want to miss out on. I then decided to begin my NFT journey with nothing more than a computer and some crazy ideas.

What motivates you to continue creating NFT art?

Once I created my first NFT, my ideas started flowing. Not only as an artist but also
as an entrepreneur. I think many times NFT artists overlook the business behind NFTs
and only focus on the actual art.

I love the challenge of reaching out to my potential buyers, marketing myself and my art, creating relations with other artists, and being active in the NFT community.

Besides having the urge to act upon every crazy NFT idea I get, I am highly motivated by the huge potential that NFT holds and where it could take us all.

Part 2. Focus on Artwork

What makes your NFT unique?

So far, HOLLAWOOD is the only legit NFT collection I have created (apart from “Apple
bottom jeans” hehe) and what I can say about those NFTs are that they are really eye-catching, colorful, and unique in their pixilation. I don’t generate my NFTs so they are all unique 1/1.

But what is really important to remember is that I brand myself as the NFT Queen, I will not stop until I have reached my goals and be fit the title of NFT Queen. So, since I am the NFT Queen, any NFT I create will have a high intrinsic value. No matter if it’s an NFT from the HOLLAWOOD collection or from any future collection.

What skills and techniques do you use? How long does it take for you to create your art?

It all depends on what I’m doing. Some types of work require more detail and focus than others. For most of my NFT work, I use Photoshop. For the HOLLAWOOD collection, I made every NFT manually in photoshop with photos of the celebrity as a reference.

It was a new method that I had to learn as I went, and therefore I now have a large folder of NFTs that never made it on my computer. After a while, I started to get the hang of it, and I could produce my NFTs much more efficiently. On a good day, I would say one HOLLAWOOD NFT would take me approximately 20-30 minutes. Work smarter, not harder.

How do you want people to feel when they view your NFT?

People can feel however they want when viewing my NFTs. Perhaps some people feel
uplifted, giggle, say “that’s hot” or think “???” or even “ew, that is ugly”. Art doesn’t have to make sense, especially not NFTs. I don’t have any specific feeling or message that I want to mediate to my audience.

I think the only emotions I want my NFTs to give people are deep FOMO, and the urge to buy in on some of that NFT Queen NFTs ASAP! Simple as that.

Part 3. Market your digital art

What does the future hold for you and digital art?

NFT Queen is here to stay.
After only a short time in the NFT space, I have fallen in love with everything NFT. This all came just at the right time in my life, and I feel 100% dedicated to not only creating my own NFTs and being the number one name in NFTs but also helping this whole community to reach its full potential. Needless to say, I will definitely be active and grow my local NFT community here in Stockholm as well.

I didn’t choose the name NFT Queen for no reason, my ambitions are HUGE. I aspire to become the Kylie Jenner of NFTs, no exaggeration. That’s not all, I want to make things that have never been done before and to work with other great NFT artists to create something really special.

As of now, my main focus is letting the NFT world know that NFT Queen is here! Therefore, I focus on my personal branding and shedding light on my newest NFT collection.
At some point on my personal NFT roadmap, I would like to enter the metaverse. I don’t know how yet, but I know for sure that NFT Queen will not be an outsider to the Metaverse in the future!

Where can people buy your digital art?

My NFTs are available on

How can people contact you directly?

The easiest way to contact me is to either
● tweet me @malineklund_
● or slide in my DMs on Instagram @nft_queen

I try to answer all my messages as quickly as possible.
If you are a bit more professional, you can send me an email at .
Either way, I would love to hear from anyone who would like to contact me.

After Thought

Hope you liked reading our interview with the NFT Queen. If her talent is 1 tenth of ambition and believes in herself then her NFT future is assured. The early bird ……. Head on over to her collection on Opensea.

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