Continuum World sets NFT land sale for December

Continuum World virtual universe is about to offer up its first NFT land sale this December. In all, there will be a total of 20,000 parcels of land up for sale. The land parcels are available in different sizes. Moreover, they will have different qualities and rarity.  Lands come in small, medium, and large, and depending on the size of the land acquired can contain up to 5 biomes. For example, a medium land parcel will contain 3 biomes. There are 6 biomes in all.

There are 6 biomes available in Continuum World: forest, grassland, rocky, glacial, volcanic, and mystical. Each biome is different from the other. Furthermore, within each biome are a further 3 types of rarity.

The most common type of rarity is rarity 1 and the rarest is a 3. The commonest rarity will have the most common resources shared across all 3 rarities. However, the rarity 3 will have fewer common resources which can be gathered.

Additionally, each biome diversifies further through its ‘Richness’ characteristics, which relates to the number of resources a Land has. Again, there are 3 levels that define this richness. They are Regular, Abundant, and Wealthy. Therefore, the Lands with the most resources will also allow for the possibility of gathering Rare or even Legendary resources.

Players will still have to explore other islands to locate these rare resources.

Inside Continuum World

Continuum World Land Sale Prices.

Continuum World land sale prices are contingent on the size of the parcel of land and its Rarity and Richness. For the sale, each parcel of land is given a star from 1 to 5.

Prices start at $25 dollars for a 1 star parcel, $50 for a 2 star, $75/3 star, $100/ 4 star and $150 for a 5 star parcel.  You will need the native UM token to purchase the Land.


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