NFT art interview with creator of CyberSquad

Our latest NFT art interview takes on a cyber journey to meet the creator of The CyberSquad series.

Part 1 Biography

Who are you? Where are you from?

My name is Kaan. I am from Turkey but I live in the UK. I am 20.

What is your background?

I don’t have a professional art background so I am a self-taught artist.

I started making 3D art by watching tutorials on Blender. Admittedly I am still no expert but I can create things I can imagine, and that’s enough for the time being.

But as I gain experience and learn more, I fully expect my work to reach higher levels as the CyberSquad create a new Universe.

What type of Digital Art/NFTs do you create?

I create 3D characters called CyberSquad, it is like the Marvel Universe. I also create 3D environments and cool stuff.

What motivates you to create Digital Art?

It’s not something special for digital art. I have always been an art enthusiast since I was a kid, I think it’s not a motivation because I love creating art pieces, that’s what I like.

What made you get into creating NFT Art?

I always loved trying new and innovative things. I did not understand when I first learned about NFTs and I started researching about it. Wondering made me get into NFTs.

Part 2. Focus on Artwork

NFT Skullsland
What makes your NFT Art unique?

CyberSquad is tthe most unique NFT project because Every single character is unique and each of them also has unique details, they have their own unique identity.

What skills and techniques do you use?

I am using critical thinking and imagination to create those characters, I also watch a lot of sci-fi movies get inspired. Inspiration is the most important part because making a unique character over and over again is really hard.

How do you want people to feel when they view your digital Art?

I want them to see CyberSquad as Marvel of the NFT Space. Some people think its just another avatar project.

Part 3. Marketing your digital art

What does the future hold for you and your Digital Art?


Where can people buy your Digital Art?

Rarible – and

OpenSea –

Foundation app –

How can people contact you directly?

Twitter –

Instagram –

NFT minter Kaan
Last Flower

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