What is needed to enter P2E on Big Time

Big Time studios announced recently what players of their online action game need to complete, before opening the ‘play to earn’ part of the game. First players need to buy a Space NFT. This gives you access the native token. You then need to fill the Space NFT with a Timekeeper Portal, which then entails gaining an in-game item. It is at this point that the ‘Play to Earn’ portion will be opened.

Big Time are to also introduce their own crypto currency. You earn these tokens (no name yet) as you swagger through the game, battling enemies and embarking upon hazardous quests. You can then use the tokens in-game to buy rare and collectible cosmetic NFTs. A further use of the tokens is to speed up crafting times or repair damage to equipment.

How to gain entry into Big Time play to earn

Let’s go over the procedure to each the ‘play to earn’ stage of the game.

First you need to get a Space NFT. This can be done, either, earning one during game play of purchasing one via the marketplace.

Next, you need unlock a ‘Time Keeper’ which can again, be earned in-game or bought through the marketplace.

Wait, you are not done yet. You now need an ‘Hourglass’. This can be attained from the Time Keeper. Alternatively, you can buy on the marketplace or borrow from a guild.

Finally, once you have completed these steps you can go forth and enjoy earning as you venture out into Time and Space.

Note also, that the Hourglass that gives you the ability to earn, but as with all hourglasses they run out. So, remember you must refill your Hourglass with the sands of time. Go to the Time Keeper and pay with tokens.

Big Time Universe

Things to Know about Big Time Studios.

The team at Big Time Studios is packed with serious talent. They have Bigtime experience in some of the most successful and well-known online games ever produced. These include Fortnite, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and the list goes on.

The game itself is action-packed multi-player game. You team up with others to travel through the Universe looking for clues to a threat that may just tear apart the very fabric of existence.

You will be recruited as a member of the Evermore Academy. The academy, which is run by Albert Einstein, is dedicated to the defense of Time, and gathers travelers to help solve the puzzle.

In the game you choose your preferred character class. Each has own skills and abilities which can be further enhanced using Big Times class hierarchy. This allows you to upgrade your character and weapons.

Now that you are good to go it is time to go out and save Time.

Loot that you win can be either beneficial to your character or cosmetic in nature. You cannot trade the character bonuses but some of the cosmetic loot can be NFTs and traded in the marketplace.


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