Bluzelle Enters The Metaverse with ‘Denomination‘ – an NFT-based Card Battle Game

Bluzelle, the decentralized storage layer for Web 3.0, is developing its own crypto game, called Denomination. The initiative is meant to be both a way to showcase the power of the Bluzelle Network in conjunction with the Creator Economy, as well as a consumer product for BLZ holders that leverages the strengths of the founders  — Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka — who spent most of their careers in the gaming industry.

Denomination: Play-to-Earn Card Battle in Real-Time

‘Denomination’ is a play-to-earn, real-time card battle game where gamers can fight against each other (PvP) or against the environment (PvE), in order to be rewarded with tokens that can be used both for governance or to purchase unique NFTs.

The new Play-to-Earn game is set in a world where a newly discovered living energy source, the Elementi, binds with humans unlocking powerful abilities. The Order of governors has forbidden anyone from possessing and using Elementi and seeks to use the Energy for its own corrupt power. Gamers will join The Radicals, a group of rebels who fight against The Order to enable every human to use the power of their own Elementi.

Collaboration with Starloop Studio

‘Denomination’ is being built in collaboration with Starloop Studio, a top-rated development studio that has worked with the best game companies in the world, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, Scopely, Disney, Square Enix, and more.

The game is intended to be directly connected to the Bluzelle ecosystem and benefit its holders. BLZ acts as the native token of the game, being used for rewards, staking, and purchasing in-game NFTs. The NFTs used in the game will be stored on Bluzelle’s storage network, which will generate fees for validators and delegators.

Stellar Experience from Project Leaders

Pavel Bains, CEO, and Co-Founder of Bluzelle spoke about the project.

“The core mantra of Bluzelle 2.0 is to be the storage layer for the Creator Economy. Mine and Neeraj’s backgrounds came from gaming as that is where we spent the bulk of our careers before crypto. I worked with EA, Nintendo, Disney Interactive, Xbox, and more. Neeraj worked for Zynga, Sierra, and Sony. For Bluzelle to really take off and use our experiences to the fullest we want to have a game that can stand on its own and show off the power of the Bluzelle storage protocol, what we call Bluzelle R2. Given our backgrounds in gaming, tech, crypto, and finance, this was the perfect time to have them all converge.”

About Bluzelle

Bluzelle is a decentralized storage network for the creator economy. Bluzelle delivers high security, unmatched availability, and is censorship-resistant. Whether you are an artist, musician, scientist, publisher, or developer, Bluzelle protects the intellectual property of all creators. You can ensure that when you store your creation on Bluzelle, it will be available, anytime, and always worry-free.


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