TCG World announce partnership with Wall Street Bets

TCG World have just added 1 million traders to their Metaverse with the announcement of a partnership with two communities within Wall Street Bets (WSB). WSB is a sub-reddit group that garnered international attention, and the wrath of Wall Street, with their GameStop shenanigans on Robinhood earlier this year. The communities aim to build central hub and Education center in the Asian region of TCG World.

This news comes on the back of TCG World’s raising over $1 million from their first land pre-sale.

TCG World wish to salute the partnership with Wall Street Bets by putting 3 sets of 1000 avatars up for sale. The 3 sets, WSB Ape, WSB PunkApe and WSB CyberApe will cost 1 BNB each. Although not a traditional blue chip stock trading company by any stretch of the imagination, WSB nevertheless, have been able to play the Big Boys in the Financial World and win.

Moreover, other partnership announcements are to follow with the latest as recently as yesterday. Developers will have a virgin world on which to let their imagination run wild. Landowners have the ability to conjure up their own building designs and characters using developer tools. These tools can be purchased using the in-world TCGCoin 2.0. Other, elements within the metaverse range from traditional PC-based games to yield farming. But mostly, TCG World is all about entertainment and fun and continues to announce partnerships.

About TCG World.

TCG World has entertainment as its central theme. Therefore, it envisages a world where players create homes, nightclubs, art galleries and adventures in a game world. This world is inhabited by Sprites. Additionally, these sprites can be caught and trained for the metaverse’s central metagame which glues the whole world together.

 The metaverse will consist of 2 types of land plots that are available in each of the four regions. The first type of land allows you to build whatever your heart desires, whilst the other is farming plots, which generate the in-world coin, TCG.

The four regions, North, Asia, The East and South all have different themes. And like the farm plots also give you unique opportunities to earn in-game.


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