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As the crypto world explodes into life once more, we are proud to announce that our new app, Blockchain News Reader, is now out on Google Play. This is the ‘Open Beta’ phase, which is used to iron out any glitches is being developed by

We are asking our friends and readers in the community to please help us out by going to Google Play Store and downloading the app.

You will not be disappointed !!!!!!!!

The app doesn’t just cover NFT News Today but 9 other crypto news sites, forall you old hands and noobs.

Each site takes in all the latest news from the main projects on each blockchain eco-systems that the sites name suggests.

Plus, for the hard nuts in the room we have all the latest Defi news from all the major Defi protocols from our sister site

About this App

Blockchain News Reader brings together the latest NFT, DeFi, Crypto Exchange, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, BSC, Solana, and Elrond ecosystem news on one device.

Are you looking for the latest blockchain news?

Blockchain News Reader is a dynamic news aggregator that incorporates renowned blockchain websites such as:

NFT News Today

Look no further for daily updates and the latest NFT news. Whether it be tokenized art, gaming, collectibles, or virtual worlds, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.

Finance and Freedom

Finance and Freedom is quickly becoming the go to place for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) news and updates. Never miss a beat with the latest updates directly from the foremost DeFi protocols.

Crypto Exchange News

If you are looking for the latest centralized or decentralized exchange (DEX) news, you’ll find it on Crypto Exchange News. Stay informed of the latest exchange listings, promotions  and DEX offerings. 

Ethereum News Today

Ethereum News Today is a one-stop-shop for news on leading Ethereum blockchain projects whether it be DeFi, NFT, gaming or exchanges. Here you will find a treasure trove of information regarding the Ethereum ecosystem.

Cardano News Today

Cardano News Today brings you the latest news and vital information from the leading proof-of-stake protocol.  Never miss a beat with daily updates from trusted sources on Cardano. 

Polkadot News today

With all the hype around interoperability, there is an ever increasing number of applications looking to make the switch to the Polkadot. It is this rapidly expanding ecosystem that Polkadot News Today caters to.

BSC Chain News

BSC Chain provides the latest news about Binance Smart Chain projects. Here you will find an abundance of  updates, market insights and news from leading BSC DeFi, NFT and gaming projects.

Solana News Today

Solana groundbreaking timestamped technology is creating high-performance crypto apps that scale. Learn about Solana’s blockchain technology, validators, integrations and community on Solana News Today. 

Elrond News

Elrond News is a great website for those looking to learn about Elrond’s highly scalable, fast and secure platform for distributed apps. Here you’ll find the latest news, updates and price action. 

If you are passionate about NFTs, DeFi and everything blockchain, don’t hesitate to download our app.


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Conclusion to Blockchain News Reader

Here you have all the latest news from some of the most talked about projects and eco-systems on the blockchain.

Why not give us a hand and at the same time get all your crypto cravens satisfied on our new app. You can go directly from here.

Finally, we once again wish to thank our developer and their amazing company


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