Leading the Business of Cannabis in Africa: M2Bio Sciences Mint NFTs

As a recognized leader in the African medical cannabis sector, M2Bio Sciences is advancing within the cannabis sector and uplifting African communities in the process.

M2Bio Sciences is a nutraceutical biotechnology company headquartered in Canada, publicly listed in the United States, and operating out of Cape Town, South Africa. The company conducts research and development to explore the endless applications of hemp and mycelium. In addition, it commercializes a range of CBD-based products through three premium brands, and is involved with the cultivation of medical cannabis. The company is also contributing to research for psilocybin therapies that have shown to have immense potential to help patients who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, addiction, PTSD.

Sustainability Projects with Hemp & NFTs

Hemp is a part of the same species as cannabis but contains a much higher percentage of CBD than the latter. This plant of the cannabis family has already begun a worldwide health transformation and is now on the brink of putting the sustainability revolution into overdrive.

In line with their values of creating a healthier world, M2Bio Sciences launched the Hemp Research and Development Division. This division consists of a team of engineers spanning multiple engineering disciplines. The pilot project underway is a hemp and mycelium-based surfboard called ‘The M2Bio Board’. These are Africa’s first 100% sustainable and biodegradable surfboards with a zero-carbon footprint.

cannabis nft surfboard

The company is also stepping into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by auctioning the exclusive designs of each of the ten psychedelic M2Bio surfboards as a collection of digital art. In addition, the lucky winner of each auction will receive the unique M2Bio board featuring the same artwork as their NFT. The company’s portfolio of NFTs is currently listed on the Open Sea platform.

Cannabis Cultivation & Blockchain Innovation

The acquisition of Tsime Pharmaceuticals by M2Bio Sciences earned them the license to cultivate, extract and process medicinal cannabis and sell the commodity for medical, scientific, and other legal purposes. This project will be undertaken in the Kingdom of Lesotho as the country has ideal climate conditions and regulations for such a project. Tsime Pharmaceuticals plans to cultivate up to 3 hectares of medical-grade cannabis.

The company aims to incorporate blockchain technology for efficiency, transparency, and traceability in the production process of medical cannabis and its byproducts. They have begun the process of recruiting all the required farmworkers for the Lesotho project and, as a result, are creating a large number of employment opportunities in Lesotho. This entire operation is taking place under the guidance of M2Bio’s COO, Willem Jonker, also known as the grandfather of cannabis in Africa.

M2Bio’s business model is primarily focused on innovation, allocating most resources to R&D and new product development. The company owns 100% of its trademarked brands and holds the responsibility of marketing each brand’s products while collaborating with a network of reliable value chain partnerships for manufacturing and distribution. This business model allows the company to capitalize on its strengths and core competencies and to provide its customers with the greatest value.

CBD Products and Community Building

CBD is one of the several compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is non-psychoactive, immensely healthy, and 100% legal in an increasing number of countries around the world.

Africa is the home of some of the best coffee, cacao, and tea in the world. M2Bio Sciences’ brand, Medspresso, is an eco-conscious CBD-infused functional beverages brand that aims to bring the best flavors of Africa to the rest of the world. The current Medspresso range includes the Tanzanian Peaberry, a unique and award-winning coffee, the beloved Ethiopian and Kenyan varieties, the popular Rooibos Tea of South Africa, and a delicious Hot Chocolate from the Ivory Coast.

Behind the Medspresso brand is a team of experienced and passionate coffee-lovers with a drive to showcase, educate and inspire people about specialty coffee. The team is in the process of creating a global community of coffee lovers as well as uplifting coffee farmers by building long-term relationships with them.

M2Bio Sciences displays a huge emphasis on excellent quality products, continuous innovation, and community building. Through their recent partnership with Souper Troopers, the company will also work to help Cape Town’s homeless population by taking necessary steps to make meaningful changes in their lives. This will include starting with the most basic needs, including clothes, food, and toiletries, then working through a full range of services such as counseling, skills training, medical referrals, family mediation, job preparation, creative workshops, and micro-entrepreneurial opportunities.

The company is also operating a health and cosmetics brand, Dr. AnnaRx, named after the company’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anna Morera Leralta. The team of molecular research scientists have put together cutting edge formulations for each of the pharmaceutical grade CBD-infused face-, hair-, oral-, and body-care lines, leveraging the many health benefits of cannabinoids.

The company’s most recent introduction has been a CBD-infused premium olive oil brand called Liviana.  This olive oil line consists of three flavors: Estate Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chilli Pepper Trilogy Infused EVOO, and Eureka Lemon-Infused EVOO. These remarkable oils hail from the multiple award-winning Chaloner Estates located in the Stellenbosch Mountains of South Africa. They’re available for purchase at multiple partner retailers such as SPAR, Zootly, and Off the Gluten Path, as well as online.


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