Where the Physical Meets the Virtual: Mintbase & NEAR Partner with the Wilde Möhre Festival

Carolin_Berlin May 31 · 4 min read The next evolution of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is here and ready to drive the creator economy to the next level. Mintbase just launched on the NEAR mainnet and showcases purposeful NFTs together with Wilde Möhre, a German festival. Together, they created Wildeverse that opens up a whole world … Read more

SENSO expert explains NFTs in VR: a perfect tech match or just hype?

Non-fungible tokens and virtual reality are two trends on the verge of a major breakthrough in 2021. But does it make sense to blend the two, tokenizing unique digital objects within VR worlds, such as user avatars and user-created content? A very short intro to NFT tokens An NFT (non-fungible token) is a cryptographic token … Read more

Luis brings VR expertise to Mintbase

Carolin_Berlin Jan 11 · 2 min read Luis aka microchipgnu Please welcome our new addition to the team- Luís Freitas. Luís is joining our team in Lisbon. He is a fullstack software engineer who is deeply rooted in the VR space. Luís expertise lays in XR (VR/AR) and decentralized web (web3, digital assets and blockchain). … Read more

Brand New Protocol, DIGITALAX, Brings NFT Adoption Into the Real World

DIGITALAX, a digital fashion focused NFT protocol on Ethereum, launched less than 2 months ago at the end of October and is already making headlines. It is the first NFT protocol to have its digital fashion wearable NFTs recognized by a non-blockchain gaming company— the leading silicon valley based virtual experiences platform, Youcanevent. DIGITALAX x … Read more