Voxies NFT Collectibles Becoming Turn-Based RPG

Voxies might look like another NFT collectible project on the blockchain, but the creators have leaked that there’s also a turn-based RPG gaming mechanic behind the project. Details about the gameplay have not been revealed yet, but the Voxies team did show several videos of their gameplay. In the modern day realm of NFT collectibles … Read more

PlayDapp Bringing Roblox Game to Polygon

South Korean blockchain company PlayDapp is bringing its ecosystem to the Polygon blockchain solution, and that means that their Roblox game PlayDapp Town will also move over. The South Korean company will integrate Polygon in its products to make their games and NFT marketplaces more cost effective. PlayDapp has the PlayDapp Games platform, where players … Read more

Aavegotchi Moved to Ethereum and Got Cut in Pieces

Aavegotchi moved some of their pixelated ghost minted on the Polygon blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain, and after that Unicly cut them into pieces. Now that sounds very dramatic, but fractionalizing them – hey, that sounds a lot more friendly – is a way to share ownership over a larger group of users. Unicly will … Read more

Edward Snowden Sells NFT For Over $5 Million

Edward Snowden, the most famous American whistleblower in recent times, launched an auction for an NFT artwork titled “Stay Free” which sold for more than $5.4 million. The artwork shows an image of Snowden’screated using a combination of the documents resulting from the court’s ruling against the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass surveillance case. The … Read more

Fractionalising NFTs — Platforms Review

@hugocampanellaHugo Head of a UX/UI team, polyglot, digital specialist, web passionate, moviefreak, cryptocurrencies enthusiast… With NFT creators like Beeple selling an art piece for $69M or Jack Dorsey selling his first tweet for $2.9M, it’s clear that the NFT market has blown up in the recent months. In this article, while we will touch on … Read more

Sorare Overhauls Tournament Rewards Amidst Player Influx

Fantasy football game Sorare has announced a major change to their tournament rewards, as they have revealed a dynamic reward system based on the number of active clubs in a game week. When many clubs play, many players can use their cards and therefore there will be more rewards. Sorare is making these changes to … Read more

Casper Network & Terra Virtua Team up for Expanded Asset Verification Options

Casper and Terra Virtua have decided to work together in order to expand the ways in which Terra Virtua users can have goods purchased via the platform verified. Casper offers strong item identification, which will likely help Terra Virtua to expand its online marketplace. Terra Virtua is a leading marketplace for NFTs – which also … Read more

AnRKey X NFT Sales Reach Top 10 in the World on Rarible

The word of the past couple of weeks has been NFT: non-fungible-token. We saw this trend developing from something untouched to something that’s bridging the gap between mainstream industries and our beloved decentralized world. NFTs do not only create wealth, they represent scarcity through collectibles as we’ve never seen before. Physical baseball cards will never … Read more

5 Must-Read NFT Articles for Blockchain Enthusiasts

@theroundupThe Roundup Bringing together the best tech stories from around the web. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it is like a digital certificate of authenticity. While 2020 remained a slow year for many markets, it was one of the best years for NFTs. There was a rise from $44 Million to $338 Million over … Read more