NFT ALLEY Testnet is now Live.

NFT Alley 4 days ago·2 min read We are excited to share that NFT ALLEY is launching it’s V1 testnet on BSC. Testnet Link: Beta Testing opens on 04/06/2021 and closes on 18/06/2021 We, The NFT ALLEY TEAM are honored to welcome our Community members on board. Your participation and your valuable feedback on … Read more

NFT Alley Weekly Round Up.W21

NFT Alley ·May 30 Development updates: Marketplace Landing/Explore page design complete. Added claim testnet $ALLEY feature, for beta testers. API Security reviews in progress. Wallet Connect integration complete. Added auto network switch for testnet users. Testnet Screenshots: Explore Page: Create NFTs: More updates to follow in the coming week.. Connect with us: Website: Telegram: … Read more

NFT ALLEY partners with dART

NFT Alley ·May 21 We are happy to announce a partnership with dART – insurance protocol for NFTs. NFT ALLEY platform users will get easier access to insurance which would further add an extra layer of safety through a seamless integration with dART. To commemorate this partnership we would be launching joint staking programs. Users will be able to stake $ALLEY and $dART tokens … Read more

NFT Alley and Frontier form strategic partnership to introduce India’s first Multi-Chain NFT…

NFT Alley May 18·2 min read We’re pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Frontier — a Chain Agnostic DeFi Aggregation layer to introduce NFT Alley on mobile. Frontier supports tracking and managing for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Semi fungible Tokens (Erc-1155). Users can visualise all their NFTs positions in Audio, Motion, and GIFs. This … Read more

NFT Alley Weekly Round Up.W19

NFT Alley ·May 16 Development Updates: Volume testing of platform is complete. Explore page UI integration is complete. Artist’s profile page added. Introduced hashtag filter support. Introduced auto-switch of blockchain for wallets, added functionality to automatically add $ALLEY token to wallet. Design improvements and testing of flows for platform is in progress. Marketing Updates: Onboarded … Read more

Announcing $ALLEY LP Rewards Program.

NFT Alley May 10·2 min read We are excited to announce that the ALLEY/BNB LP rewards program would be starting from 5/10/2021 5:30pm UTC. Snippets: Users who provide liquidity to Pancake ALLEY/BNB pair and stake their LP tokens will earn $ALLEY as reward. The rewards program will run for 1 month.* 12,000 $ALLEY will be used … Read more

NFT Alley : The Story

NFT Alley May 4·2 min read NFT Alley is an avant-garde multi-chain marketplace meant to service the growing sector of NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and prospectors. It allows you to tokenize your digital collectibles or signature products like art, music, game assets etc., in order to enable secure NFT Trade. This market works to dissolve the … Read more

Introducing $ALLEY: Tokenomics and Distribution

NFT Alley Mar 23·3 min read $ALLEY token overview: The Alley token is central to the incentivization structure and utility of the NFT Alley platform. Use cases below: Platform users can actively participate in the governance functionality of the protocol. The Alley token will be employed in distributing early adopter rewards. It will also be … Read more

NFT Alley Weekly Round Up. W10

NFT Alley Mar 16·1 min read Development Updates: Integrated Support for Gifs and Videos in UI UI Integration for Buying/Selling an NFT is complete Designed layout for user profile page Started volume testing of platform Launch Updates: We are in active discussions to complete the IDO by the 4th week of March. Whitelisting details will … Read more

WAX Community Developer Highlight Series: Myth.Market

WAX io Jan 15 · 1 min read What does the project do? Myth.Market is a series of WAXP-powered marketplaces for NFT series like Garbage Pail Kids (GPK), Blockchain Heroes, KOGs, and William Shatner. It was created to be a convenient marketplace that is focused on user-experience. The creator’s goal was to remove unnecessary information … Read more