Evidence of Shiny Minions and Weapons Found in the Metaverse!  And, Important Changes to Shining

Shine 4 NFT Game Cards Into 1 Rare Shined Card Alien Worlds Just now·4 min read Shining Portal Opens! Up until now, the only Alien Worlds NFT game cards that can be shined are avatars and tools. Shining is the process of upgrading these digital items to a unique and rare NFT game card, out … Read more

Sneak Preview: Planet Binance Missions Game

Alien Worlds Just now·4 min read The Federation is excited to announce the emergence of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance Missions game within Alien Worlds. Now, Explorers will be able to lease their own Spaceships to go on Missions throughout the Metaverse. Explorers can find a preview of the Planet Binance Missions below, including: … Read more

Have Great Tools? You Just Got Luckier!

Alien Worlds Just now·3 min read Thank You Explorers For Your Feedback The Federation feels a great deal of responsibility to ensure the fairness of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Accordingly, adjustments are made from time to time. Recently, feedback from Explorers and an increase in players, has caused the Federation to consider and make adjustments … Read more

One Million Players! — An Update from the Federation — 29th April

Alien Worlds 1 day ago·4 min read One Million Explorers in the Metaverse The Federation is pleased to announce the passing of the one million player threshold today! At the time of this writing, the number of total players is 1,003,306. Nearly two hundred thousand Explorers have mined within the last 24 hours! Welcome new … Read more

Ted’s Contest Tool Analysis — Nanominer

Alien Worlds 3 days ago·3 min read The focus is contests and contest tool rigs that are near or at the top of Alien Worlds contests typically on GoodVibesMining.com website. I’m usually in the top 10 of these contests and have placed as high as 2nd place in the most grueling 5 day 24 hour … Read more

Happy First Anniversary Since the Creation of Alien.Worlds!

Alien Worlds Apr 23·5 min read Four Months In: More Than 500,000 Players Explore the Metaverse Explorers are streaming into Alien Worlds from Earth at higher rates than ever. The Federation would like to wish Explorers a joyous day on today’s milestones: Four months of game play One year since the creation of the alien.worlds … Read more

Kleros feat Cometh, a cosmic balance ⚖️

We are excited to announce our latest ecosystem partnership with a project that has been in the space (no pun intended) for ever: Kleros.Get ready, auction starts on Thursday, 22nd of April at 5pm UTC on OpenSea. Details below: Kleros themed Spaceships to be minted as NFTs on cometh.io and used on game.cometh.io Kleros themed Spaceships … Read more

TLOS Is Live On Pancake Swap!!

Telos ($TLOS) is one of the World’s Most Active blockchains, amassing a huge list of active projects in a wide range of industry verticals, since launching in 2018.  After a successful launch on the Ethereum based exchange Uniswap, earlier this year, Telos is expanding its reach even further! It’s now going cross-chain to BSC, starting with a listing … Read more

Looking ahead with Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Apr 20·5 min read Alien Worlds’ metaversal token, Trilium, attracted the largest Binance Launchpool ever last week. Trilium remains in the Binance Launchpool — and at this exciting time in the metaverse’s trajectory, let’s look ahead. Progress The Federation and the metaverse as a whole are actively progressing: Near term Major commercial IP … Read more

Telos General Update

Telos Foundation Updates  Here are just a few of the many developments going on behind the scenes in the Telos Foundation!  New & Improved Telos Foundation Structure   Thanks to an increase in funds, we’ve been working tirelessly to revamp the operations in the Telos Foundation from the ground up! This includes the addition of new … Read more