Fortified Land Plots Seemingly Set in Stone

It looks like Gala Games has made up their mind about the land plots in the upcoming tower defense game Fortified. In a development update they mentioned that ‘the land tiles have been defined and function flawlessly’. At the same time the developers now have several types of towers functional in their early version of … Read more

Development Update: Fortified

At Gala Games, we believe that you deserve to know how games are built. This is why we have always kept the community informed about the development of Mirandus, held AMAs on Mirandus and Town Star, and have plans to bring other developers in to speak with the community. We believe you should “know how … Read more

May Mayhem: Week Two!

Welcome to the second week of Town Star’s May Mayhem! Start Time: May 11th at 9AM PT/ 12PM ET/ 4PM UTCEnd Time: May 16th at 9PM PT/ May 17th at 12AM ET/ May 17th at 4AM UTC RULES: One Human = One Town. If you have multiple Gala Games accounts, that does not entitle you to have … Read more

A Big Welcome to T. Elliot Cannon & a Special AMA!

As Town Star’s May Mayhem tournament with $1 million in prizes rages on and Gala Games continues to capture the attention of countless gamers worldwide, it’s time for the announcement of an exciting new member of our winning team. T. Elliot Cannon will be joining us as Town Star Game Director. T. Elliot Cannon is … Read more

Third Citadel of Mirandus Acquired by Flare Network

Flare Network is now the owner of the Citadel of the Moon in the online role playing game Mirandus, and with the deeds in their pockets they will bring the GALA token to their layer-2 solution. Gala Games announced the deal in a blog post, and emphasized that the supply of the GALA token won’t … Read more

Gala Games Puts $1 Million Behind Town Star Competition

Gala Games is adding a whole lot more competition to their already competitive play-to-earn farm game Town Star by having a $1 million prize pool. During May there will be four weekly tournaments, each with $250,000 in prizes. When newly added NFTs for the game sell out, another $250,000 in prizes will be added to … Read more

Welcome Flare to the Citadel of the Moon!

The Flare Citadel of the Moon Today, we are delighted to announce that we are in the process of bringing the GALA token itself to the Flare network! In the future, users will be able to mint their GALA directly to the Flare network, allowing for essentially feeless and instant transactions without the bloat of the … Read more

Gala Games Launches Gala Art with Frank Miller

Blockchain gaming company Gala Games has unveiled their new Gala Art initiative, and partnered with legendary comic book creator Frank Miller. Miller’s debut NFT series will also mark the 30th anniversary of Sin City, probably his most iconic creation. NFTs from the Gala Art initiative are different from other NFTs, because their ecosystem is designed … Read more

Frank Miller Signs with Gala Games and Concept Art House to Inaugurate the Launch of Gala.Art

Sin City® 2021 Frank Miller, Inc. All rights reserved. Today, legendary creator Frank Miller is embarking into the NFT space, bringing his masterpieces to Gala Games. The upcoming release of a series of limited-edition Frank Miller NFTs, in partnership with Concept Art House, is part of the unveiling of the Gala.Art initiative, which seeks to … Read more

Mirandus Shows Growing Forest As Blueprint for Dynamic Life

Alongside a revamped product website for Mirandus, Gala Games has showcased a forest growing demo built in Unity. It’s a very based introduction into how dynamic life in Mirandus will be. According to the accompanying blog post, they will apply similar rules to wild life and other living systems in the Mirandus ecosystem. This forest … Read more