Snoop Dogg Stash Box NFT Drop from Gala Music

Snoop Dogg, to my reckoning, is fast becoming the most influential voice around NFTs and he is in the news again. On the 14th March, Gala games are to drop his latest album, BODR, as Snoop Dogg stash box NFT collection.

As part of their Gala Music introduction, Gala Games have teamed up with Snoop Dogg to help relaunch his newly acquired Death Row Records.

The intention is to bring into play a ‘Listen to Earn’, similar to the Play to Earn models of many NFT and blockchain games. The Listen to Earn model allows for evenhanded distribution of revenue.

The Snoop Dogg Stash Box drop

The NFT drop, the first round of which have already sold out, are composed of a huge compilation of rewards. However, more Snoop Dogg Stash boxes will become available, though at a higher cost for each drop.

If you purchase a Snoop Dogg stash box from Gala Music, you are assured a new track from Snoop Dogg’s, BODR, his new album.

The new stash boxes went on sale yesterday and are fast being snapped up. Moreover, the boxes will be ready to open on the 14th of March.

Lucky owners of the stash boxes can trade them in for a utility full pile of NFTs. These include additional bonus songs, original collectibles and even gaming NFTs from the Gala Games eco-system.

Snoop Dogg king of NFTs
Snoop Dogg’s latest album, BODR

Inside the Snoop Dogg stash boxes

Each stash box owner gets 5 NFT tracks, plus 1 of 25,000 rewards which vary in rarity.

10,000 of the rewards are additional Stash Box-exclusive Snoop Dogg x Spider Tanks NFT tracks. In the future, you can match these with a Gala Music Node to ‘Earn to Listen’.

The other 15,000 awards are Gala Gaming NFTs. These include both Legendary and Ancient items. Additionally, there is even a chance of some LAND parcels.

The full list of utilities is:

  • One of the tracks from Snoop Dogg’s album, ‘BODR’.
  • 3 additional tracks exclusive only to Gala. One of said tracks is a never released song featuring Tupac.
  • Whitelist token for Death Row Records.
  • A Snoop x Aoki token that can be exchanged for an upcoming collaborative NFT.
  • “Stash Box”, an original song by Snoop.
  •  An “Opened” version of your Stash Box as a commemorative NFT

To remind you, boxes can be open from 14th March.

Alternatively, you can keep your unopened stash box for a time, in case you wish to sell at a future date. Please note, that at some stage in the future all stash boxes will have to be redeemed, so keep up to date via their Discord group.

Snoop Dogg is making all the right moves in the NFT space and this includes his Alter-ego Cozomo de Medici. getting a bit of Snoop is getting a bit of NFT history.


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