HODLversity in Playa del Carmen, the New Crypto Hub in Mexico

PRESS RELEASE The small touristic town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast is attracting more and more digital nomads and crypto entrepreneurs. Crypto meetups are booming and in May it will host the HODLversity, a three day course for crypto beginners. In October 2020 they started a monthly meetup for people who are interested in crypto topics. … Read more


Brought to you by Universe Contemporary x BEYOND THE STREETS, in collaboration with MakersPlace On April 5 -10, 2021 the traditional contemporary art world collides with the emerging blockchain art community for a group exhibition across the metaverse. META_VS aims to inspire a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts to explore limitless possibilities and … Read more

Galvanizing Blockchain: The First Annual NFT Awards

It’s rare that you find yourself within an industry poised to truly change things. After years in the space, it’s exhilarating to finally see business leaders, economists, and policymakers agree that blockchain is the disruptive platform that many of us have believed it to be. But still, despite the growing confidence in blockchain as a … Read more

AMA Recap: 9Lives Arena

Earlier this week, we hosted a live AMA in our Telegram community with Ralph Laemmche, the CEO of Touchhour and Producer of 9Lives Arena, along with Touchhour President Cindy Gomez. Here’s what Ralph and Cindy had to say about the competitive online RPG, which features permadeath, persistent progression, item crafting, and the world’s cross-platform, first … Read more

AMA Recap: Ether Legends

Earlier this week, we hosted a live AMA in our Telegram community with Curran Mulvihill, Co-founder of Elementeum Games and developer of TCG Ether Legends. Here’s what Curran had to say about the project’s recent transition to ERC-1155, developer collaboration, gas fees, and more. Hi Curran! We have a lot of questions for you, but … Read more

AMA Recap: Aave

Following the recent addition of Enjin Coin (ENJ) to their DeFi protocol, we hosted a live AMA with Aave’s COO Jordan Lazaro Gustave. Here’s what Jordan had to say about decentralized finance, Aave V2, and more. Can I interact with the Aave Protocol directly from my Enjin Wallet? Jordan: Yes you can! The Aave Protocol … Read more

AMA Recap: Lost Relics

Earlier this week, we hosted a live AMA in our Telegram community with Cliff Cawley, the developer behind Lost Relics. Here’s what Cliff had to say about the Diablo-inspired action-adventure RPG, the cross-game Cyborg’s Quest, and more. Hey Cliff! We have a lot of questions for you, but to start, let’s have you briefly introduce … Read more

AMA Recap: Chainlink

Following the recent launch of Chainlink’s ENJ/ETH decentralized price feed, we hosted a live AMA with Chainlink Director of Community Rory Piant and Business Development Oliver Birch. Here’s what Rory and Oliver had to say about the “Oracle Problem,” DeFi, verifiable randomness in games, and more. Welcome Rory and Oliver! We have a lot of … Read more

AMA Recap: AlterVerse

Earlier this week, we hosted a live AMA in our Telegram community with Scot Kinney, the Founder & CEO of AlterVerse. Here’s what Scot had to say about the ambitious gaming and world-building multiverse and its debut title, Disruption, an FPS set aboard massive Starships owned and operated by players. Welcome Scot! We have a … Read more