MEME Artist Series Week #2

We’re hitting the ground running with another week packed full of incredible artists, and with them, are more rare NFTs exclusive to MEME! 4/20 — Graffiti Kings 4/21 — Kitty Bast 4/23 — Amrit Pal Singh Graffiti Kings Graffiti Kings kicks off this week on 4/20 — at 13:37 EST Graffiti Kings comes to MEME and with them, is the largest verified graffiti art page on Facebook with … Read more

Aymeric x Motez x Kite String Tangle — Give Me Space

Aymeric x Motez x Kite String Tangle — Give Me Space Aymeric returns to $MEME and brings with him two incredibly talented Australian musicians; Motez and The Kite String Tangle for their GIVE ME SPACE drop. A series of collectibles born from the GIVE ME SPACE Universe. Having linked up for the official music video for Motez & … Read more

Buy Crypto with Credit Cards on Polygon Layer2 with ComethSwap

You can now buy Crypto with Credit Cards on Layer2 with ComethSwap* 🎉 ComethSwap is a decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum Polygon layer2 that lets you swap any token at low cost, in no time. ComethSwap sits on top of the Cometh ecosystem, a game fuelled by DeFI and NFT. Allowing anyone to buy crypto … Read more

Q1 2021: growth for Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap, NFTs and DeFi

CoinGecko has published its report on the first quarter of 2021, which primarily shows the significant growth of Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap, NFTs and DeFi.  2021 is the year of Binance Smart Chain In particular, the growth of the TVL (Total Value Locked) on Binance Smart Chain stands out, rising to $20 billion, three times … Read more

Cometh ☄️ Mid-April 2021 update: Beneath the night

After major releases of ComethSwap, ComethRental and ComethDocs, it was time for the Cometh team to sit back, patch the existing and get ready for the next big comethwave. The team kept shipping, with big partnerships and liquidity mining programs maintained at the highest levels. Astrominers kept mining. CosmicLPs kept farming. You $MUST keep yourself up-to-date, … Read more

Time, the magazine will release videos on Bitcoin

Grayscale is teaming up with Time magazine for a partnership that will see the famous magazine paid in bitcoin. The confirmation comes directly from CEO Michael Sonnenshein in a tweet:  Thrilled @Grayscale is partnering w/ @TIME on a new video series coming this summer explaining the #crypto space. Equally as important, @KeithGrossman & @TIME has … Read more

Grayscale +$1 billion in Bitcoin in 24 hours

Grayscale has increased its assets in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by $1 billion. This may not even seem like news, except that the increase happened in about 24 hours. Indeed, the company’s official Twitter profile reported on April 8th, 2021 that it had $45.1 billion in cryptocurrencies. Of this, $37.2 billion is held in the Grayscale … Read more

5 Fan Engagement Crypto-Projects: An Overview [April 2021 Update]

@ks.shilovKirill Blockchain enthusiast developer and writer. My telegram: ksshilov Crypto-based projects have expanded into the mainstream, attempting to tokenize new markets. One of those markets is fan engagement, an already lively space where adding tokenization is the perfect tool to combine finance with hot trends.  Fan engagement by itself is a hot trend for football … Read more