The Vault Collective is the First NFT that Showcases Crypto as a Wearable

The Vault Collective has revealed its new NFT concept, merging crypto and NFTs into a new hybrid asset. Vault Collective NFTs will utilize a dynamic art system, updating their NFTs as ETH is embedded into them. 

On Monday June 20th, a full announcement will reveal more details about The Vault Collective, the first collection of its kind. 

The Vault Collective has promised an NFT collection unlike anything seen before, as the NFTs can be traded and resold, with the embedded ETH moving from owner to owner. 

Once a holder embeds ETH into their ‘Vault’, they can watch their NFT evolve through a dynamic art system. 

Owners start the process by minting a ‘Vault Keeper’, represented by 1 of 13 animals, possessing unique rarity attributes and its own wearable Vault. 

Once the Vaults are ‘opened’, it’s game time. 

Indeed, owners will commence the embedding process, with each NFT limited to 5 total embeddings, so use them wisely!

Once five embeddings of ETH have been reached, the Vault will be permanently locked forever.

From the first embedding to the last, owners will have a unique asset, allowing them to simultaneously invest in crypto and NFTs instead of one or the other.

How can the owner reclaim their ETH from the Vault? That requires completely ‘burning’ (extinguishing) the NFT and thus, making the entire collection deflationary in nature. If individuals decide to burn, this one-of-a-kind asset becomes more valuable.

What is more, owners of The Vault Collective NFTs will be encouraged to embed their ETH at specific times and values, giving owners the chance to unlock ‘Unlockables’.

When the owner hits an Unlockable, the NFT will update and the Vault will lock forever. 

Unique elements to this project will keep NFT owners invested in the game, scheming through and figuring out strategies to be ‘Vault Leader’ and unlocking ‘Royals’.

Royals will be handed out to the owner when they hit the following ETH thresholds: 1, 10, 100, 1000.

Exclusive access to Royal-only competitions will await the owners of these Unlockables. 

Furthermore, 69 ‘Secret Vault Keepers’ will be hidden throughout the collection, which are 1:1 NFTs to be unlocked after the owner embeds the correct amount of ETH. 

Finally, the ‘1K Club’ awaits those who manage to time their embedding to perfection and hit the 1000th embedding across the entire NFT collection.

Every 1000th embedding, that lucky owner will receive a special holographic Vault and will gain access to exclusive perks and bonuses in future competitions. 

In this blending of crypto and NFTs, the utility of the NFT will extend as the roadmap continues. 

In fact, The Vault Collective has revealed two ‘Secret Games’, which will be accessible only to holders of VC NFTs.

One of the games will be a high-stakes, collaborative, skill-based contest and the other game will be a winner-takes-all tournament. 

Winners of both games will receive a large ETH-embedded NFT prize. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Monday June 20th from The Vault Collective!

Learn more about The Vault Collection on their website and you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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