Animoca Launching New Race Game This Summer

This week gamers competing in F1 Delta Time’s Grand Prix Mode or Time Trial Mode, were also earning NFTs for an upcoming race game by Animoca Brands. The game company didn’t provide any details on the racing game, but emphasized that it will be part of the REVV ecosystem and it will use the Polygon … Read more

Animoca to Continue Work on Crypto Space Commander

Animoca Brands has signed a deal with game studio Lucid Sight that gives that an exclusive and global license to publish and further develop Crypto Space Commander, better known as CSC. This deal basically means that Animoca Brands is taking over. In the world of blockchain games, CSC is a dinosaur. This space MMO has … Read more

Crazy Defense Heroes Players to Share $19,000 in Tokens

Gamers who actively play the mobile tower defense game Crazy Defense Heroes have a chance to earn a share of $19,000 in TOWER tokens. Animoca Brands announced a new play-to-earn event in June 2021. All players who gain 250,000 experience points next month, will share 750,000 TOWER tokens. Anybody with a smartphone can start playing … Read more

Animoca is bringing gaming – including a soccer NFT title – to Hedera Hashgraph

To-date we haven’t heard much about gaming on Hedera Hashgraph but that looks like it’s changing.  Animoca Brands has announced it’s working on an NFT-based soccer game that will use the IP of famous clubs.  No further details have been provided, but similar management-style games such as Sorare and Soccer Manager Elite are already proving … Read more

Animoca Announced NFT Football Game on Hedera

Blockchain games company Animoca Brands has acquired Helix Accelerator, and now announced a NFT-based football game running on the Hedera blockchain. The game will use intellectual property from famous clubs. In addition players will be able to trade the NFTs using the Hedera native HBAR crypto token. There basically are no details on the football … Read more

Animoca Brands Now Valued at $1 Billion

Animoca Brands, the company behind blockchain-powered games like The Sandbox and F1 Delta Time, is now valued $1 billion, after raising $88,888,888 in funding. They received funding from venture capital groups and investors, including crypto exchange Huobi and NFT fund Metapurse. The company is planning to use the funding for further aggressive expansion in the … Read more

Animoca Expands NFT Business to Immutable X

Animoca Brands has announced its latest expansion in the NFT ecosystem, as the company will embrace Immutable X as a new solution for minting and issuing digital assets. Without revealing any roadmap, Animoca and Immutable strongly referred to projects like F1 Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition, The Sandbox and Crazy Defense Heroes as possible options. In … Read more

Tower Chest Sale Begins in Two Weeks

Animoca Brands has announced the their first chest sale for the Tower token project will start on May 12th. They will sell 6,500 chests, and each contains multiple Tower Game Card NFTs. The cards are artworks based on the Crazy Defense Heroes franchise, can be used in a future game and will have some DeFi … Read more

Animoca To Launch TOWER NFT Chest Sale

Animoca Brands is planning an NFT sale around its newly launched TOWER token, adding another layer to the experimental free-to-play-to-earn program involving their mobile games. Gamers can use these special NFTs in a future game, or stake them to earn TOWER. Functionalities will go live this Fall. They will sell three chests: bronze, silver and … Read more

Earn TOWER Token Soon in Crazy Defense Heroes

Animoca Brands has announced that their TOWER token will come to the mobile strategy game Crazy Defense Heroes later this month. The token is an initiative to add play-to-earn elements to an existing free-to-play mobile game. Crazy Defense Heroes follows in the footsteps of Crazy Kings, which introduced competitive rankings as a way to earn … Read more