Animoca Brands to Auction First Publisher NFTs on OpenSea

The first education Publisher NFTs are set to be auctioned on OpenSea next week by Animoca Brands and its learning platform, TinyTap

The auction marks the first time such NFTs have been sold on the marketplace and opens doors for educators to get compensated for their content in a manner that wasn’t possible before.

According to Animoca Brands, each Publisher NFT will be linked to a bundle of educational games and other interactive activities educators have created on TinyTap. In total, six Publisher NFTs will be auctioned starting at 11 pm UTC on November 2.

TinyTap offers teachers a platform where they can create educational games and other interactive activities for children and teenagers. The platform doesn’t require one to know how to code to launch a course/game; once done, you can list it for a fee. 

The platform was acquired by Animoca Brands earlier this year – a Hong Kong-based company that is advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse.

Publisher NFTs Represent A Web3 Strategy

The two entities are now working together to improve opportunities for teachers and other educators around the globe by implementing a Web3 strategy that will see them earn more for their content. Additionally, by enrolling their kids on TinyTap, parents will see them receive enhanced learning thanks to the interactive educational material. 

The content is designed to be entertaining yet educational and categorized by age groups addressing concepts that kids struggle to understand within a given stage. Most courses offer money-back options if you find the content unsatisfactory and go for as low as $4.

Each Publisher NFT will hold co-publishing rights to a course with a bunch of games by a given teacher on a specific subject. And holders of the NFTs can promote and market courses they like, thus getting a share of the revenue.

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