MegaCryptoPolis Partners with Rarible to Decorate World

City building game MegaCryptoPolis has partnered with NFT marketplace Rarible to allow players to decorate their custom building interiors and storefronts with NFTs in their upcoming MegaWorld expansion. The integration of Rarible NFTs will mean more customization options for home owners in the city building game. MegaCryptoPolis has been working towards creating a more interactive … Read more

Property Development arrives in Upland

Upland, the property ownership and development game, has announced the first phase of their Property Development. They named it Bellini I. Players will be able to utilize a new currency, called Spark, to construct a variety of structures on their properties. This initial release includes on a subset of models for construction. Eventually players can … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Brings Characters to The Sandbox

My Neighbor Alice has partnered with The Sandbox to bring some of their game characters into the voxel universe. Initially three characters will move into The Sandbox, including of course Alice herself. In the future the developers of Antler Interactive would consider giving more characters a similar treatment. Alice will be a legendary character of … Read more

Boost R-Planet Lands to Own Plots in The Uplift World

Owners of so-called Swineland R-planet land plots can now boost them and receive a linked plot in the The Uplift World. R-Planet users do need to spend 5 million AETHER tokens on this though. The collaboration between the two projects is possible, because they both exist on the Wax blockchain. R-planet, a popular, staking and … Read more

Third Batch Mirandus Avatars On Sale Today

Gala Games will have a sale for six new premium avatars for their online role playing game Mirandus today at 12PM PT or 7PM UTC. Within the community these avatars are known as Exemplars, and they come with special perks for the players who use them. The first two Exemplar sales sold out in no … Read more

Protect the City and Earn NFT Real Estate in MyMetaverse

The open-world adventure game MyMetaverse has released a token currency that allows players to earn a real estate NFT inside their blockchain-enabled Minecraft server. Players can earn these real estate tokens simply by playing the game, and they can then spend the tokens on land NFTs. The play-to-earn (and own) process is quite interesting. First … Read more

Somnium Builder SDK Supports Custom Models

Landowners in the virtual world of Somnium Space can now import custom 3D models into the Somnium Builder SDK and use them to decorate their own land plots. These models, which can be for example OBJ or FBX files, can have custom animations, different shaders and lighting options. The Somnium Builder SDK gives users a … Read more

You Could Live Next to Deadmau5 in The Sandbox

Those who want to wake up in the middle of the night because mister Deadmau5 is once again pumping his speakers with devilish electronic music, can today purchase real-estate next to him in The Sandbox. Deadmau5 is a featured artist, together with Richie Hawtin a.k.a. Plastikman, in today’s The Sandbox Euphoria land sale. The partnership … Read more

VulcanVerse Upgraded Game World to Beta Status

Vulcan Forged has announced that the Roman-Greco fantasy world of VulcanVerse has now moved into beta. It’s the next phase of development as the user-generated and blockchain-powered virtual world becomes a deeper and better product. The upgrade van alpha to beta obviously comes with graphical improvements. In VulvanVerse landowners can build their land using the … Read more

My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Process About to Start

Antler Interactive has announced that deposits for the upcoming land sale for My Neighbor Alice will start tomorrow, Wednesday May 26th at 10 AM UTC. It’s the first step in the land sale process, followed by a staking period. Based on the deposits and the staking time, users will earn raffle tickets. Only winners of … Read more