Bitwise Ethereum Commercial Goes Live as Mintable NFT

Digital asset manager Bitwise has launched its first spot Ether exchange-traded fund (ETF) commercial, allowing viewers to mint the 39-second clip on Ethereum. This initiative combines traditional finance advertising with NFTs.

The advertisement for Ethereum highlights its round-the-clock functionality in contrast to the restricted operating hours of traditional finance. Taking inspiration from an Apple commercial from the early 2000s, it depicts a young man as the symbol of Ethereum and an older man dressed in business attire and a nightgown representing “Big Finance.”

As the day comes to an end and “Big Finance” prepares for bed, the Ethereum representative showcases the constant availability and benefits of using Ethereum, such as stablecoins, NFTs, and loans.

Bitwise is offering an NFT of their ad, framing it as a chance to own a part of crypto history. According to the Zora Network’s data, 1,630 mints have already been created by 848 different minters at the time of writing. Furthermore, they evenly divide the profits from these mints between the Protocol Guild, which assists Ethereum open-source developers, and the ad’s stars, Jamie Kaler and Michael Tacconi.

Minting Process and Financial Impact

Along with its advertising strategy, Bitwise is also gearing up for a substantial investment in its Ethereum ETF. After receiving approval for its 19b-4 application from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on May 23, Bitwise updated its S-1 registration statement on June 18 to reflect a possible $100 million investment at the ETF’s debut.

Victoria Kulbanska Anderson, Bitwise’s Head of Growth Marketing, commented on the campaign’s goal to bring Ethereum’s versatility to life. She stated, “With these ads, we’re excited to point to Ethereum’s potential with the approachability, wit, and crypto-native ethos that has always defined Bitwise.”

Founded in 2017, Bitwise offers a range of professional investment products, including ETFs, private funds, active solutions, and separately managed account strategies. The firm works with investment professionals and financial institutions to provide education and access to Bitcoin and other crypto assets.


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