Thovt Launches Exclusive Founder’s NFT Sale

Thovt, the pioneering gateway to a world of investment opportunities, merging cutting-edge technology with a diverse array of real-world assets (RWA) just announced the launch of the Founders NFTs Sale, set to begin on June 28th at 12:00 PM UTC.

By tokenizing tangible assets like real estate or traditional businesses, Thovt opens the doors to investment for everyone, ensuring accessibility and transparency through blockchain innovation. Rooted in compliance and global regulatory standards, Thovt transcends traditional marketplaces, offering a holistic ecosystem where community engagement, education, and empowered decision-making converge.

Exclusive Benefits and Premium Features

The Thovt Founders NFT represents more than just a digital collectible; it stands as a testament to your belief in Thovt’s vision and offers a gateway to exclusive benefits within the Thovt ecosystem. By holding a Thovt Founders NFT, users support Thovt’s mission, secure a key to Thovt’s DAO, $THOVT tokens airdrop, and guarantee the spot in the upcoming $THOVT tokens presale.

“Our community is at the heart of everything we do at Thovt,” said Matyas Enki, CEO and Founder of Thovt. “Thovt Founders NFT is our way of recognizing and rewarding the dedicated members of our community. By holding a Founders NFT, you are not just supporting Thovt’s mission but also gaining access to exclusive benefits and premium features within the Thovt ecosystem. Together, we can drive the future of RWA investing and make it accessible to people around the world.”

Thovt Founders NFTs on HeyMint

Thovt is thrilled to announce its upcoming NFT sale on HeyMint, a leading launchpad renowned for its seamless user experience, robust security measures, and dedication to supporting innovative projects. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Thovt, as we open access to Thovt’s DAO and other exclusive features through Thovt Founders NFTs.

Key Details of the Sale:

To participate in the NFT Sale, users must be on the Lucky or Guaranteed Whitelist. More details regarding the whitelisting phases can be found on the Thovt official website.

Sale Phases:

Guaranteed Round:

  • Starts: June 28th, 12:00 PM UTC
  • Ends: June 30th, 12:00 PM UTC
  • Supply: 2500

Lucky Round:

  • Details to be announced after the Guaranteed Round.

Join the Movement

Individuals eager to join Thovt’s mission can apply for the Founders NFTs Whitelist at For further information, visit

Contact Information:


Matyas Enki

CEO, Co-Founder


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