Stockholm Museum to Showcase MetaBirkin NFTs in Landmark Exhibition

A recent legal battle involving these digital assets has brought attention to the potential conflicts between NFTs and trademark laws. In this article, we will dive into the controversy surrounding Mason Rothschild’s MetaBirkin NFTs and explore the latest developments in the case.

The Case of MetaBirkins NFTs

In 2020, luxury fashion house Hermes filed a lawsuit against artist Sonny Estival, who goes by the name Mason Rothschild, for trademark infringement. Rothschild’s MetaBirkins NFTs featured digital designs of faux-fur Birkin bags, which Hermes argued confused consumers and diluted their brand identity. The case gained attention as it was one of the first instances of a traditional luxury brand taking legal action against an artist in the world of NFTs.

The legal battle between Hermes and Rothschild came to a verdict last year, with a jury unanimously ruling in favor of the luxury brand. Judge Jed Rakoff issued a permanent injunction, preventing Rothschild from further infringing on Hermes’ trademarks. However, this decision was recently reversed by the same judge, allowing Rothschild’s MetaBirkins NFTs to be exhibited at the Spritmuseum in Stockholm.

The Upcoming Exhibition

The Spritmuseum, located on Djurgården island in Stockholm, is a popular museum that focuses on Swedish drinking culture and houses the Absolut Art Collection. The museum plans to feature Rothschild’s MetaBirkins NFTs in an upcoming exhibition, with disclaimers stating that a jury found the NFTs to potentially be confusing for consumers. This decision has raised questions about the relationship between NFTs and trademark laws.

Throughout the legal battle, Rothschild’s defense argued that his MetaBirkins NFTs were a form of artistic expression protected under the First Amendment. The NFTs served as a commentary on the fashion industry’s fur-free initiatives and an experiment in luxury valuation. With the recent reversal of decision, it is uncertain if Rothschild will attend the exhibition, especially with the expected arrival of his first child.


The controversy surrounding Mason Rothschild’s MetaBirkins NFTs has brought attention to the potential conflicts between NFTs and trademark laws. While the recent reversal of decision allows the NFTs to be exhibited at the Spritmuseum, it raises questions about how these digital assets can coexist with traditional brands and their trademarks. As the world of NFTs continues to evolve and expand, we can expect more legal battles and discussions surrounding their impact on various industries.


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