Exploring the Creative World of Imaginary Ones in Web3

The rise of Web3 has opened up new possibilities for creativity and innovation. Among its pioneers is Imaginary Ones, a blockchain-based platform that merges art, storytelling, and community engagement. With their recent milestone of 2 million downloads for their mobile game Bubble Rangers, Imaginary Ones is making waves in Web3 entertainment.

Foundation in Art and Technology

At the core of Imaginary Ones’ approach is their collection of 8,888 unique animated 3D NFT characters. These characters serve as digital assets and embody themes of love, positivity, and creativity. Moreover, through these characters, they are building a diverse and dynamic Web3 ecosystem beyond traditional gaming experiences.

Expanding a Diverse Web3 Ecosystem

Imaginary Ones is constantly broadening its presence in entertainment, focusing on mobile gaming. Their signature 3D characters, such as the hugely popular Bubble Rangers, are featured in their games, which offer engaging gameplay and stunning artistic elements.

In addition to digital assets and gaming, Imaginary Ones has also ventured into physical merchandise and strategic partnerships with established brands like Samsung and Hugo Boss. These collaborations add a new dimension to the experience, offering new products and exclusive content.

In January, Imaginary Ones announced a partnership with Immutable to develop a series of casual, mobile-first games on the Immutable zkEVM platform. Using Immutable’s zkEVM technology, Imaginary Ones can provide developers and users with custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics, and gas-free transactions. 

To further enhance their market strategies and engage with their community, Imaginary Ones recently partnered with Animoca Brands, a global leader in blockchain-based entertainment. As such, the partnership seeks to utilize Animoca Brands’ expertise and resources to develop Imaginary Ones’ token economics, design a creative airdrop campaign, and provide guidance on Imaginary Ones’ market entry strategy.


As they continue to grow, Imaginary Ones has exciting plans in store, including launching their cryptocurrency, $BUBBLE, and expanding their digital landscape with more immersive experiences.

According to Imaginary Ones, you can receive the $BUBBLE Coin airdrop by holding an NFT from within the Imaginary Ones ecosystem, redeeming an Imaginary Pass, or accumulating Bubble Points and Social Points through participation in social activities and gaming challenges. 

Holders of any of the following four NFT collections will be eligible for the upcoming $BUBBLE coin airdrop:

Imaginary Ones NFT: Owners of these NFTs gain entry into an expansive ecosystem that includes a staking platform, future offerings, and IO tokens, enhancing their engagement within the community.

Imaginary Rides NFT: This collection represents the second instalment within the ecosystem, further expanding the universe for collectors.

HUGO x IO NFT: The HUGO x IO NFT collection, a prestigious collaboration with fashion titan HUGO BOSS, aims to connect individuals with their emotions.

CMTTAT’s Foundation Pieces: This collection comprises 21 exclusive art pieces. Ownership in this collection transcends possession of unique digital art—it fosters a shared identity and connection among a select group of collectors. 

Overall, the project exemplifies Web3’s innovative potential by integrating art, community, and technology into a cohesive ecosystem. 


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