Moonbirds Evolve with Volaria Universe Amidst Shift in NFT Copyrights

Moonbirds NFT collection, now under Yuga Labs’ umbrella, has taken a significant turn in its copyright strategy. As of today, the collection will move away from the open Creative Commons CC0 status and grant exclusive commercial rights to its holders, a shift that aligns it with other Yuga Labs properties like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

From Open Access to Exclusive Rights

The new policy was outlined in a recent announcement by Moonbirds on X: “You’re going to need a character. A character that you own. Starting today, Moonbirds will join Mythics as a collection with commercial rights. If you’ve made stuff during the CC0 era – cool. But from now on, you’ll need to own a Moonbird to keep doing so.” This change is part of a broader strategy to enhance the value and utility of Moonbirds within the digital economy.

This pivot coincides with a broader restructuring at Yuga Labs, including staff cuts in response to the downturn in the NFT market. The company has reported decreased trading volumes and diminished royalties from its flagship collections, prompting a recalibration of its business operations.

Venturing into 3D and Virtual Realities

In addition to these copyright changes, Moonbirds is set to undergo a creative transformation. Yuga Labs plans to develop 3D avatars from the Moonbirds collection, making them suitable for animation and integration into the Otherside metaverse project. This move is expected to transition the NFTs from static images to dynamic, interactive figures that can be utilized in various digital environments.

Colin Hesterly, a co-founder of Moonbirds and Senior Art Director at Yuga Labs, will lead this artistic evolution. The shift towards 3D avatars aims to provide a more immersive experience for users and expand the utility of Moonbirds in virtual spaces.

Furthermore, Moonbirds are creating a digital home for their characters. In this new virtual space, users can connect and immerse themselves in the world of Volaria.

Expanding Beyond the Digital

The initiative also includes plans for Moonbirds to venture into physical merchandise, thereby extending its brand into the tangible world. Moreover, Yuga Labs is organizing dedicated events to foster community among holders. One such event is a satellite gathering adjacent to Apefest 2024 in Lisbon this October, promising to enhance connectivity and engagement within the community.


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