Yuga Labs Expands its Web3 Presence with Acquisition of PROOF

Yuga Labs, a driving force for Web3 innovation, continues to push boundaries with its recent acquisition of PROOF.

The Acquisition

Yuga Labs has acquired PROOF, an innovative platform that focuses on art and community engagement. This acquisition includes all aspects of PROOF, including its team, intellectual property, and artistic portfolio.

The move is seen as a strategic one for Yuga Labs, aligning with their vision to become the front door of web3. By bringing PROOF under their wing, Yuga Labs is expanding its presence and solidifying its position as a leader in the web3 world.

The Future of Moonbirds

One of the most exciting aspects of this acquisition is the future of Moonbirds, a creative project developed by PROOF. Under Yuga Labs, Moonbirds will be integrated into Otherside – a place for content creators, communities, and brands to interact in the web3 space. This move opens up new opportunities for Moonbirds to thrive and reach a wider audience.

Speaking on this development, Kevin Rose, CEO of PROOF, shared his excitement about the future of Moonbirds under Yuga Labs. He stated that he believes Otherside is the perfect platform for Moonbirds to grow and evolve, and he is looking forward to being a part of this journey.

A New Role for Kevin Rose

As part of the acquisition, Kevin Rose will be transitioning into an advisory role at Yuga Labs. With his experience and expertise in the web3 space, Rose will continue to contribute to the growth and success of Yuga Labs.

This move also highlights Yuga Labs’ commitment to creating a collaborative and inclusive community within the web3 world. By bringing in industry leaders like Rose, Yuga Labs is setting a precedent for fostering growth and innovation through collaboration.

Joining Forces with PROOF Collective

Another exciting aspect of this acquisition is the incorporation of PROOF Collective into Yuga’s art and community engagement efforts. This collective, made up of talented artists and creators, will bring a new dimension to Yuga’s already impressive portfolio.

Josh Ong, Jesse Bryan, and Amanda Gadbow will be leading the transition of Moonbirds and other elements from PROOF into the Yuga ecosystem. With their expertise and passion for web3 technology, they are sure to make this integration a success.

Expanding Yuga’s Web3 Ecosystem

With this acquisition, Yuga Labs is not only expanding its presence in the web3 space but also strengthening its ecosystem. By bringing together talented individuals and innovative projects, Yuga Labs is creating a platform where creativity and collaboration can thrive.

The future looks bright for Yuga Labs as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with web3 technology. With the addition of PROOF, they are well on their way to becoming the go-to destination for all things web3. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Yuga Labs and the web3 world at large.


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