Upland Launches “Share & Build” Airdrop Series at NFTNYC

Upland, a mobile Web3 metaverse platform, has announced the official launch of its “Share & Build” airdrop series. The airdrop will reward participants within Upland’s Metaverse as it continues on its journey to build the largest gaming platform powered by a digital open economy. Dirk Lueth, co-founder of Upland, made the announcement during the NFTNYC OMA3 panel.

Rewards for NFTNYC Attendees

As part of the launch event, Upland is offering exclusive rewards to NFTNYC attendees who participate in the Share & Build platform. These include a unique #NFTNYC2024 NFT game piece and an exclusive signup bonus. In addition, three “hidden property” NFTs will be released in Upland’s fully occupied Manhattan area, adding to the excitement of the launch.

The Share & Build Airdrop Series is split into different chapters. After completing each chapter, participants receive a unique Block Explorer NFT, which acts as an interactive game piece in Upland. By collecting and burning Chapter Block Explorers, participants can earn an exclusive NFT.

The First Chapter – Social Engagement Rewards

The first chapter, which focuses on social engagement rewards, will run for three weeks. Participants can earn points by interacting with Upland’s content on X, such as following the Upland account and participating in various social media activities.

Ten reward levels are available, and the multiplier for points awarded to participants will depend on their social engagement and statistics. At the chapter’s end, all points gathered are turned into SPARKLET on the Upland platform.

The campaign also introduces tailored missions on Upland, providing another opportunity for users to acquire SPARKLET tokens in preparation for the upcoming Sparklet Token Event. Upcoming missions will be revealed within the app and categorized into two groups: tasks tailored for newcomers to Upland and another set for veteran players.

Expanding the Use of SPARKLET

SPARKLET (formerly SPARK) is Upland’s essential utility token, powering the GameFi builder and creator economy. Over the last two years, it has garnered considerable community support, with over 130,000 holders. 

Furthermore, with 87.25% of community votes backing its White Paper, Upland is seeking to extend the usability of its token outside its virtual environment.

Upland, based in Silicon Valley, California, has a clear vision of creating a vast digital open economy through its metaverse platform. In addition to trading virtual properties, Upland offers a variety of activities, such as strategy games and social interactions. 


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