Mazda’s Iconic MX-5 MIATA NFTs Highlight Astar’s “Yoki Origins” Launch

Astar Network has announced its collaboration with Mazda Motor Corporation in the launch of Yoki Origins, a vibrant campaign showcasing the potential of Web3 technology. Showcasing the campaign’s appeal and potential, Mazda will debut its first-ever NFT collection, featuring the iconic MX-5 MIATA.

Mazda’s Venture into NFT Art

The Yoki Origins campaign marks Mazda’s step into the world of NFTs, allowing them to explore new forms of storytelling and interaction in the Web3 realm. The NFT collection comprises unique artistic pieces, including special NA/ND MX-5 MIATA editions. With a nod to Japanese artistry, the NFT collection presents Mazda’s MX-5 MIATA, reflecting its unique place in the automotive subculture.

The collection comprises 10 NFTs, an intriguing mix that includes four NFTs celebrating the Japanese seasons in collaboration with Mazda, a unique Mazda × Astar NFT, and another that pairs Mazda with Hiroshima. Additionally, there are two special editions featuring the NA/ND MX-5 MIATA, alongside two secret NFTs that add an element of surprise to the collection.

Access to the Mazda NFT collection is through the dedicated ‘YoPort’, which will be available beginning on April 5th.

Yoki Origins: Expanding the Web3 Ecosystem

Beyond showcasing Mazda’s entry into NFTs, Yoki Origins is an opportunity for Japanese companies and Web3 pioneers to contribute to a growing digital ecosystem. Astar Network invites more enterprises and projects to join this campaign, which not only promotes Web3 adoption but also enriches the digital landscape with culturally significant experiences.

Astar Network has positioned itself at the forefront of enterprise, entertainment, and gaming integration into the blockchain. Moreover, Astar zkEVM, utilizing Polygon CDK, marks the first Ethereum Layer 2 chain to adopt Polygon AggLayer.

We’ve been following Yoki Origins since February. Mazda’s involvement is an example of the merge between traditional Japanese culture and cutting-edge Web3 technologies, they promised.

This collaboration showcases Mazda’s interest in NFTs and highlights Web3’s potential and impact on the digital landscape. With more enterprises and projects joining this campaign, “Yoki Origins” could pave the way for a more diverse and culturally enriched Web3 ecosystem.   


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