Astar Network Gears Up for its zkEVM Mainnet and Yoki Origins Launch

Astar Network, a Web3 infrastructure platform originating in Japan and experiencing rapid international growth, is preparing to launch its mainnet Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon. This Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum will debut in late February, followed by the unique “Yoki Origins” campaign.

Astar’s zkEVM 

Astar zkEVM aims to provide Web3 projects and businesses with a platform that combines security, scalability, and optimized gas usage. By adopting Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK), Astar zkEVM strives to lead in implementing zero-knowledge EVM chains, offering connections to Ethereum’s wide range of developer tools and infrastructure services.

Numerous crypto projects and service providers have already embraced Astar zkEVM. Notable names include Quickswap, LayerZero, The Graph, Rarible, Dew, and Startale Labs. These entities span decentralized exchanges, interoperability protocols, indexing services, and NFT marketplaces, highlighting the platform’s broad application and appeal within the Web3 ecosystem.

“Yoki Origins” Campaign

Following the mainnet launch, Astar Network will introduce the “Yoki Origins” campaign. This initiative invites users to explore, collect, and upgrade Astar Network’s unique characters inspired by Japanese Yokais (Yokis). Moreover, the campaign partners with more than 40 Web3 projects, creators, and enterprises to enhance user experiences and encourage engagement on Astar zkEVM.

Furthermore, the campaign introduces Capsule Machines, known as “Yo-Ports,” which allow users to obtain Yokis and exclusive artwork. Crafted by a consortium of artists, enterprises, and builders, these Yo-Ports facilitate interaction and provide users with a tangible connection to participating projects.

As Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Network, explains, the launch campaign “Yoki Origins” for Astar zkEVM “will help demonstrate the extent of our ecosystem’s reach while celebrating our Japanese origins in a way that’s uniquely Astar.”

Crucially, Astar Network has made the campaign inclusive and accessible to individuals new to the Web3 space. Social logins and credit card payments remove barriers, ensuring that anyone can participate and enjoy the unique offerings of “Yoki Origins.”

Source Astar Network

Driving Web3 Adoption Worldwide

Astar Network plans to reveal the projects taking part in the campaign, including international brands and talents. Each participating project will have its unique Yo-Port, distinguished by brand names and logos. 

Overall, Astar Network is fast becoming a vital gateway for enterprise, entertainment, and gaming projects seeking access to the Japanese market and global expansion. Leveraging the power of Polygon, Astar Network aims to drive Web3 adoption and position itself as a leading blockchain platform worldwide.


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