Forbes Launches Legacy Pass for Web3 Community Building

In another pivot towards the burgeoning Web3 space, Forbes has announced the creation of the Legacy Pass, a unique membership club limited to 1,917 soulbound passes. This initiative hopes to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, creators, and change-makers within the Web3 community to connect, collaborate, and shape its future.

The Legacy Pass, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, is not just a digital asset but a symbol of Forbes’ venture into creating a community focused on innovation and growth. These passes are soulbound—meaning they are non-transferable, representing a permanent, personal connection to the Forbes brand. 

This approach to digital assets highlights Forbes’ desire to build long-term relationships with leaders and innovators in the Web3 sphere rather than focusing solely on the transactional nature of digital ownership.

Exclusive Benefits and a Community of Innovators

Forbes is encouraging individuals interested in the Legacy Pass to join the waitlist. Waitlist members are promised early access to the passes, along with regular updates and exclusive insights into Forbes’ strategic vision for this Web3 endeavour. 

Later this month, Forbes plans to reveal the benefits available to Legacy Pass holders, detailing the exclusive opportunities that come with membership, according to the announcement.

A central feature of the Legacy Pass is access to the Inner Circle, a private community for holders. This community aims to connect thought leaders and pioneers in the Web3 domain, providing a space for collaboration and discussion among those committed to shaping the digital future.

Some members of the Inner Circle

Bridging Tradition and Digital Innovation

In January, Forbes revealed its partnership with Magic, aiming to bring media and the Web3 space closer together, starting with introducing the Forbes Connect Wallet.

The main feature of this partnership is the Forbes Connect Wallet, a digital space where users can keep, manage, and send their cryptocurrencies. 

According to Forbes, the launch of the Legacy Pass blends its longstanding tradition of excellence in media with the innovative possibilities of the Web3 world. This step forward aligns with Forbes’ historical mission of empowering leaders and innovators, now extending its influence into the digital age. 

Through the Legacy Pass, Forbes is not just adapting to the evolving digital landscape but is actively seeking to lead and shape the future of media and community engagement in the web3 era.


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