Forever Has Fallen: A New Tale in a Web3 Story-Driven Metaverse

With its launch on March 19, 2024, Forever Has Fallen promises to bring a new twist to Web3 entertainment. In this interactive story-driven metaverse full of escape rooms, players become Bounty Hunters aiming to overcome the game’s challenges, which are tracked and automatically rewarded.

Forever Has Fallen: A Mystery in the Metaverse

Forever Has Fallen plunges players into a race to solve a mystery surrounding the collapse of The Forever Social, a corporation that promised digital immortality. The storyline revolves around uncovering the truth behind allegations against Swedish billionaire Karl-Axel Mattiasson, accused of murder and causing the company’s downfall.

At the core of the game is a metaverse where storytelling is elevated through a fusion of podcasts—perfect for listening on the move—and embedded clues in online escape rooms. Players embark on their adventure with immersive audio storytelling, leading them to explore fictional websites and interact with characters on social media.

Furthermore, success in solving digital mysteries earns players rewards, making every discovery and challenge a step towards unlocking the game’s secrets and Easter Eggs.

Along with overcoming challenges and earning rewards, the game introduces a monetization model using NFTs called Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs). These tickets unlock various experiences within its metaverse. Unique Network developed this ticketing system on the Polkadot parachain, and fans can take advantage by earning three tickets to sell on the marketplace (worth a total of $30) to new players, priced at $10 each.

Kimon Lycos, the Creative Head at Forever Has Fallen, said on the ticketing system, “It’s comparable to watching a great movie, leaving the theater on a high, and someone handing you three tickets you can sell to others waiting in line for the next showing. It’s a big change from traditional models, subscriptions for streaming services or centralized ticketing – perhaps we will transform future entertainment business models.”

Last month, we shared news of Forever Has Fallen’s milestone in setting a minting record with 4,930 NFTs per minute. With these minting speeds, Unique Network, along with Polkadot, is creating a smoother onboarding experience for Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers.  

A Community of Collaboration and Creation

This game, powered by blockchain technology, opens up a vast digital world filled with opportunities for collaboration, mystery-solving, and engagement. Ultimately, the mystery of how and why “forever” has fallen hopes to engage players towards uncovering the answer.

Looking ahead, Forever Has Fallen plans to introduce more features to strengthen its player community, including voting mechanisms, special events, and a dedicated marketplace. As such, this will enable Bounty Hunters to create, sell, and share content, hoping to further enhance the game’s interactive ecosystem.

Overall, with its worldwide release, this ‘Podcast Thriller’ hopes to set a new standard for what entertainment can offer with Web3.


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