Ethereum NFTs Bridge to Bitcoin with BRC-721E Launch

Bitcoin’s NFT sector has received a substantial boost with unveiling the BRC-721E token standard, enabling the migration of Ethereum-based ERC-721 tokens to the Bitcoin network. This milestone is a joint venture by, Bitcoin Miladys NFT collection, and Xverse Bitcoin wallet signalling a critical evolution in the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem.

This launch coincided with another achievement for Ordinals, an iteration of NFTs on Bitcoin, which exceeded its 10 millionth inscription, as per data from Dune Analytics.

The Migration Process

For ERC-721 NFT owners to transition their tokens to Bitcoin, a process of ‘burning’ is necessary. This process, which involves an Ethereum call function, is irreversible and essentially represents an on-chain inscription method. Once the user has inscribed valid BRC-721E data, the bridged NFT will surface on a custom Ordinals market collection page, complete with full metadata.


Shifts in the NFT Market Landscape

In January 2023, software engineer Casey Rodarmor introduced the Ordinals protocol, a novel system allowing users to embed data straight onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

With this protocol, users can inscribe data to satoshis – the most diminutive unit of Bitcoin, equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. This method, called inscription, permits including a broad range of data types, such as images, videos, audio, or text.

Despite the metadata initially not being stored on-chain, the Ordinals market asserts that the fundamental principles of the BRC-721E and the adaptability of the indexers provide the potential for the protocol to mature over time.

Bitcoin Ordinals has attracted substantial attention in the crypto community. The introduction of the BRC-20 token standard in March, an experimental fungible token standard explicitly crafted for the Bitcoin blockchain, underlines this evolution. The development of the BRC-721E standard further positions Bitcoin as a growing player in the NFT arena.

In reflecting on the tremendous strides taken within the NFT realm over the past few years, this recent development highlights the relentless pace of advancement. The advent of the BRC-721E token standard, which bridges ERC-721 tokens from Ethereum to Bitcoin, represents another evolutionary step.


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