HYPERCOMIC Soars in zkSync Ecosystem with Over 5M NFTs Minted

The evolution of digital content has led to a surge in the popularity of webtoons, a form of digital comics that originated in South Korea. With its vibrant storytelling and unique visual style, webtoons have grabbed audiences’ attention worldwide. 

Recognizing the potential of this market, Korea’s elite webtoon producers and Netflix’s top drama production houses have come together to create HYPERCOMIC. This innovative venture aims to change how fans engage with their favourite webtoons, digital comic formats designed for vertical scrolling on computers and smartphones.

Taking Webtoons to the Next Level with NFTs

HYPERCOMIC recently made headlines by becoming the first webtoon platform to integrate with zkSync, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. This move provides users with faster and cheaper transactions, making it easier to mint NFTs from their favourite webtoons on the platform. 

According to the announcement, in just one month since its launch, over 824,000 unique users have minted more than 5 million custom HYPERCOMIC NFTs.

Introducing HYPERCOMIC Play

In addition to its integration with zkSync, HYPERCOMIC introduced HYPERCOMIC Play, a Web3 Webtoon/Manhwa Reward App that offers fans a new way to interact with and contribute to the growth of HYPERCOMIC’s ecosystem IPs. Users can earn rewards by participating in activities such as reading webtoons, sharing content on social media, and engaging with the community.

HYPERCOMIC aims to make its content accessible to a wider audience, regardless of language barriers. NFT holders can now get free access to paid webtoons on the HYPERCOMIC dApp until April 1, 2024. Furthermore, the platform plans to release multi-language options in the future, making it easier for international audiences to engage with their favourite webtoons on HYPERCOMIC.

Transforming Webtoon Entertainment with IP3.0

Webtoons significantly influence the global entertainment industry, worth billions of dollars worldwide. Many of Netflix Originals’ Korean dramas are inspired by webtoons, proving that this medium has become a driving force in shaping popular culture. HYPERCOMIC, through its consortium, releases over 800 web novels and 60 webtoons annually and spearheads 20 drama and film productions.

HYPERCOMIC’s vision for IP3.0 goes beyond just producing content; it aims to create a fan-incentivized IP growth ecosystem. With the launch of HYPERCOMIC Play and an upcoming Webtoon Launchpad, the platform allows users to actively participate in IP production and marketing while earning rewards.


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