Robinhood Partners with for Exclusive NFT Giveaway

The digital world continues to intersect with traditional art forms as online trading platform Robinhood partners with to bring prominent artist Hunt Slonem’s work to a wider audience through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

What is Robinhood and

Robinhood, founded in 2013, gained popularity for its commission-free stock trading platform. With over 13 million users, the company has expanded into digital currency trading and now offers a cryptocurrency wallet app., on the other hand, is a platform that leverages blockchain technology to merge digital and physical fine art. It serves as a virtual gallery for renowned artists’ works, allowing them to reach new audiences in the rapidly growing NFT market.

Exclusive Giveaway Details

The giveaway, open to users of the Robinhood Wallet app, will feature four NFT releases occurring bi-weekly. Each release will offer unique digital sketches by the acclaimed artist Hunt Slonem.

To participate, users can head to the Web3 tab in the Robinhood Wallet app and claim their NFTs, which will be minted on Notable’s platform and delivered directly to their wallets. It is worth noting that Notable will cover network fees for the first 10,000 participants.

For users in the US who collect all four NFTs, an exclusive opportunity awaits. They will have the chance to purchase a physical print of one of Slonem’s sketches, with a total limit of 400 prints (100 of each sketch) available. The price for each NFT is set at $1,500.

Bringing Art and Technology Together

Johann Kerbrat, Crypto General Manager at Robinhood, commented on the giveaway, stating that it aligns with their goal to make Web3 more accessible to their users. With this initiative, they hope to introduce new projects and initiatives in the space.

Slonem, known for his Neo-Expressionist style and vibrant use of colors, aims to blend art and technology by bringing his work to new audiences through NFTs. His physical pieces have been exhibited in over 350 international shows and are highly sought after, often fetching high prices.

However, with the introduction of NFTs, his artwork becomes more accessible at a more affordable price point. This allows for a broader audience to appreciate his work and own a piece of it through the digital world.

The Growing Popularity of NFTs

NFTs have gained significant traction in recent months, with multi-million dollar sales being made on various platforms. These unique digital assets have created a new avenue for artists to showcase their work and monetize it directly, without intermediaries.

The use of blockchain technology ensures the scarcity and authenticity of each NFT, making it a coveted asset in the digital world. As more artists and companies embrace this trend, it is exciting to see how it will continue to evolve and shape the art market.


The Robinhood x collaboration presents an excellent opportunity for users to enter into the world of NFTs and own a piece of Hunt Slonem’s artwork. It also highlights the growing intersection between traditional art forms and technology, bringing new possibilities for artists and collectors alike.

So whether you are an avid collector or simply curious about NFTs, be sure to check out this exclusive giveaway and experience the merging of art and technology firsthand. Who knows, you may just become the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind digital artwork by the renowned artist himself.


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